44 Things You May Not Know About Singapore – No 25!

With our country’s 44th National Day just being celebrated yesterday, popular Singapore blogger, Mr Miyagi, put up a list of 44 things that you may not know about Singapore. At number 25, he listed me as having set the world record for most number of grand illusions performed in 5 minutes.

25. A Singaporean also holds the world record for the most number of grand illusions.
J.C. Sum’s 15 grand illusions in 5 minutes was officially set in June this year. A grand illusion is a magic trick on a large scale. Card tricks and sleight of hand tricks do not count as grand illusions, and apparently, neither do press releases by management of sovereign wealth funds.”

Thanks for the mention Ben! But, that is only half right as Ning is the co-holder of that current title 🙂 But, it is great that our little achievement is highlighted as one of the 44 items. Cool!

If you have never heard about “The Impossible Record”, check out the video below:

About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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2 Responses to 44 Things You May Not Know About Singapore – No 25!

  1. Mr Miyagi says:

    No worries, dude. Another lesser known fact – J.C. Sum was also Mr Miyagi’s battalion mate at the 433rd Bn SAR, and was widely rumoured to be the most expensive reservist CO’s driver ever in the history of the Armed Forces.

  2. thomasrick says:

    Cool! i never knew singapore had so many world records though i’ve already heard much about your record. that record attempt was crazy! a pity i could not see it live, but the video pretty much blew me away too!

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