Happy 2014! Massive Illusion Sale!

If you track my blog, you know that after our mega stunts as the closing of the Singapore Night Festival, I have been performing overseas much of the time with a select number of corporate gigs in Singapore.

However, for the past four months, I’ve also been working on a number of new show ideas and illusions for the new year. Innovation, reinvention and evolution are hallmarks of our brand of magic.

I’ve been in and out of the workshop working on a project that has already taken almost 3 months to complete. Hopefully, it will be done by end Jan 2014. It was a tougher build than expected. One reason is I’m trying to make it an untraditional design with unorthodox support structure. There are also several automated components that are a bit trickier than expected… But only a bit 🙂 Overall, it is progressing well. It is still rewarding to see something from my mind crafted into physical form.

Illusion Workshop Concurrently, there is another illusion I’m working on in terms of choreography, presentation and music. This should be ready by Feb 2014.

I’ve been working a lot on some of my close-up work as well. Practise sessions still can fly by hours at a time, seemingly in minutes, as when I first started learning magic. I have two close up routines that I use extensively as part of my illusion show with the use of a video camera and projection screen.

“Silver Symphony” is almost perfect and has been in my show for almost half a year now. It is a ethnically demanding but highly visual routine using three silver old 10 Franc coins. It is impossible to cheat a camera that is zoomed in on the performance surface and just your hands so every performance has to be perfect.

“Card Concerto” is another routine that I first broke in in June 2013 but has undergone many variations and refinements. I think I have had a breakthrough and will be ready to present the final version in three weeks. I’m taking a gamble on the music choice and production on this routine so it will be interesting to see how well received the routine will be.


Next year will see opportunity for me to perform my “Beyond the Mirror” formal close up show as well and I have some new material that dovetails perfectly with my current show repertoire. The show content for “Beyond the Mirror” is completely different from material from all my other shows and requires separate practice and rehearsal. This will take some dedicated time to be show perfect again.

While I practise techniques constantly, the show routining requires entire show rehearsals as it is an integrated seamless show. For that, I need my full show set up in the studio to rehearse properly.

In a few short months, I will have to move from my magic studio after exactly 10 years in the current location. The reason for the move is pretty lame yet necessary. While storage space is not the main issue, the cargo lift and the way our studio is currently configured is not conducive for all our large props and ATA cases. The lift cannot easily take our biggest cases and loading in and out for illusion shows and shipping is unnecessarily time consuming and tiring. So, the hunt is underway for a new secret warehouse that is suitable for our space needs!

ATA Cases with Illusions
By the time this post is published, I will already be overseas again for two weeks. I am spending New Years out of Singapore again just like last year. 🙂

However, while I’m away, to kick off the new year, Magic Boutique is having a 7-day illusion sale from 1 – 7 Jan 2014.

First, we are offering 15% off all digital illusion plans and book sets. Sorry! The offer does not apply to individual books or other effects.

Just enter the promo code “2014” upon checkout.

magic boutiqueSecondly, we have a select number of used professional illusions at GREAT prices (and most economical shipping rates). These illusions are going at a fraction of their selling prices and include:

  • The Aerial Exit
  • Shadow Vision
  • Platform Levitation
  • Full Throttle Motorcycle Production
  • Blammo
  • 12-Girl Cabinet
  • Light & Space
  • Revollusion

illusions for sale

Sales are made on a first confirm basis!

Thirdly, just for magicians in Singapore & Malaysia, I have put aside a number of choice illusions and stage effects for sale. These items will only be available for sale to magicians in SG and MY.  I will make them available internationally only if the item is unsold after the sale.

Fantastic items at extreme discounts include:

  • Simplex Head Chopper with ATA Case
  • Flash Appearance
  • Black Art Case Table
  • 6 Inches – Walking through a Steel Plate
  • Sword through Body by Norm
  • Nielsen
  • Canary Cage by Proline
  • Clone Pad by Lee Earle
  • Psychic Pad Folio by Banachek
  • Any Card to Wallet by Collector’s Workshop
  • Disarmed by Mak Magic
  • The Mysterious Wine bodega by Harries Magic
  • Collapsible Flag Staff by Abbott’s Magic
  • Darwin’s Coin Pail with DVD
  • Crystal Cube
  • Bowling Ball from Briefcase
  • Basketball from Briefcase
  • Switcher by Asi Wind
  • And more!

Sales are made on a first confirm basis!

More of my original illusions are also now available through Thomas Clark including “Crystal Metamorphosis”, “Visual Displacement”, “Blade Pyramid” and “Benchmark”.

I’m really pleased to have Thomas build my illusion designs through his company Magic Sax. He has the exceptional skill to build a high quality prop at an incredibly reasonable price.

“Benchmark” is now available at the low introductory price of US$1800. This price will only be offered to the first few orders so take advantage of it. Here are some pics of Thomas’ “Benchmark”:

Benchmarkpolished2 Benchmark

Check out www.magicboutique.sg under the STAGE/ ILLUSIONS for all the great deals!

Happy New Year!

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