Eureka – New Illusion Designs & Acts

My mornings this past week have been spent in solitude planning and designing new acts and illusions. Working on a new show for a new venue means coming up with completely new & fresh acts; and it has been several months since I have worked on new designs.

I’m really happy as I have been very productive and have new improvements for several existing illusions as well as brand new ones.

The introduction of the illusions will be spread out over the rest of this year as well as next year. “Shadow Vision” which we rebuilt earlier this year is still in rehearsal and will debut in Oct 2009.

One brand new reinvention of an act that I have designed for Ning is  entitled “Magic Vogue”. We are already in production with this act. It is highly original & novel and most importantly, distinctively ‘Magic Babe’. I’ve had a great creative process with this act and it is still improving. Besides her live shows, catch it on fashion show runways soon too!

My motorcycle appearance “Full Throttle” was first built in 2005. Since then I have made 2 revisions, one which involves a complete rebuild as I described in my “Urban Illusions” book. I have now made a 3rd revision to create what I think will be the final word on the illusion. Based on this new redesign, I will be rebuilding my version from scratch towards the end of the year. This will be ready for our new show in 2010. So, till then, look out for Full Throttle Reloaded V2.0.

Human Light Tunnel is a named given by Ning for a multiple light tubes through body illusion. We are in the process of building this illusion ground up. I just designed the framework and stand for this baby and our electrical engineer will be building the entire lighting illusion system. It is going to be a wicked addition to our UV Magic Act. 

A couple of months ago, I designed an appearance called “Smoke Split Appearance”. It is an instant appearance that has a nice revelation. It was designed as a single appearance but I was not completely satisfied with the final frame design. So, on and off, I’ve been tweaking the design. Yesterday, I had another Eureka moment and have streamlined the entire design but keeping the actual effect by transforming it into a single girl person by the illusionist. I think we may be able to build this by Sep.

Finally, I needed to create a new finale for our illusion show. We have been performing “Extreme Burn” for a year now to great effect. It is one of the most memorable illusions from the show on top of “Revollusion” and “Crystal Metamorphosis”.

I dug deep to see what could be as strong in effect but yet was different. Since teleportation illusions are a signature act of ours and ‘Magic Babe’s’ sexy spin on magic is unique to her, I thought of a ‘crazy’ way to combine the two together. With the uncreative working title of  “Striptease Teleportation”, this finale illusion will be interesting to say the least!


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2 Responses to Eureka – New Illusion Designs & Acts

  1. NewToMagic says:

    sounds like a whole plethora of crazy creative spurts! i need some creative juices to my stuff too. 🙂 really cool to see how you keep improving your stuff.

  2. thomasrick says:

    striptease teleportation sounds interesting to say the least! and Magic Vogue… Fashion runway?? sounds like a definite fit for magic babe, almost part-time model!

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