Introducting the NEW and The Illusion Bookstore

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m in the process of splitting up this blog to serve the different audiences that read the blog.

All illusion-related entries will now be posted at the all-new


Wow! What started out as a simple blog a few years ago grew to a one-stop illusion resource site for magicians. Now, after many many man-hours, multiple people working on the site and investing some serious cash, the entire site has been completely revamped!

The new site features:

    • A Brand New Design, Layout, Format & Functionality
    • New Content, Articles and Ideas
    • A Responsible Mobile Platform
    • Opportunities to Earn Income from the Website
    • Partner Promotion Programs
    • A Free Illusion Plan and Backstage Access

Worldwide support for the site has been amazing over the years. Thanks for your comments, emails and Facebook messages!

I guarantee this site will serve you even better now!

Thank you also to all the new generation international illusionists from different countries for contributing photos to this site.


affiliate banner 1000 x 200

To better reflect the branding of my catalog of books, I have a new online storefront at

In addition, I’m pleased to announce that ALL my books including “The Complete Illusion Library” and “Ultimate Illusion Collection” are available as INSTANT DOWNLOADS.

That’s right, customers will save on shipping costs and can get the books immediately after purchase. The Instant Downloads are also priced at a slightly lower price than the physical books.

Customers can buy the Instant Downloads and print only the illusions they intend to build at any one time.

I’m really pleased with how the storefront has turned out and it’s modern design and functionality reflect the modern approach to illusions in my books.

Check it out! I think you will love it to!

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Custom Optimus Prime Blog

I am currently in the process of splitting up this blog into different entities to cater to different target audiences. The “Backstage Business” has basically served as my general blog for the past 5 years but I have audiences who visit the blog for different things.

So, the first thing I have shifted is my customizing work to another site.

Check out my Custom Optimus Prime blog at: for more photos, examples of my work and learn how to customize your own Optimus Prime.

custom optimus prime

Also check out a small guide I put out “HOW TO CUSTOMIZE TOY ROBOTS & OTHER TOYS”

how to customize toy robots cover


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Happy 2014! Massive Illusion Sale!

If you track my blog, you know that after our mega stunts as the closing of the Singapore Night Festival, I have been performing overseas much of the time with a select number of corporate gigs in Singapore.

However, for the past four months, I’ve also been working on a number of new show ideas and illusions for the new year. Innovation, reinvention and evolution are hallmarks of our brand of magic.

I’ve been in and out of the workshop working on a project that has already taken almost 3 months to complete. Hopefully, it will be done by end Jan 2014. It was a tougher build than expected. One reason is I’m trying to make it an untraditional design with unorthodox support structure. There are also several automated components that are a bit trickier than expected… But only a bit 🙂 Overall, it is progressing well. It is still rewarding to see something from my mind crafted into physical form.

Illusion Workshop Concurrently, there is another illusion I’m working on in terms of choreography, presentation and music. This should be ready by Feb 2014.

I’ve been working a lot on some of my close-up work as well. Practise sessions still can fly by hours at a time, seemingly in minutes, as when I first started learning magic. I have two close up routines that I use extensively as part of my illusion show with the use of a video camera and projection screen.

“Silver Symphony” is almost perfect and has been in my show for almost half a year now. It is a ethnically demanding but highly visual routine using three silver old 10 Franc coins. It is impossible to cheat a camera that is zoomed in on the performance surface and just your hands so every performance has to be perfect.

“Card Concerto” is another routine that I first broke in in June 2013 but has undergone many variations and refinements. I think I have had a breakthrough and will be ready to present the final version in three weeks. I’m taking a gamble on the music choice and production on this routine so it will be interesting to see how well received the routine will be.


Next year will see opportunity for me to perform my “Beyond the Mirror” formal close up show as well and I have some new material that dovetails perfectly with my current show repertoire. The show content for “Beyond the Mirror” is completely different from material from all my other shows and requires separate practice and rehearsal. This will take some dedicated time to be show perfect again.

While I practise techniques constantly, the show routining requires entire show rehearsals as it is an integrated seamless show. For that, I need my full show set up in the studio to rehearse properly.

In a few short months, I will have to move from my magic studio after exactly 10 years in the current location. The reason for the move is pretty lame yet necessary. While storage space is not the main issue, the cargo lift and the way our studio is currently configured is not conducive for all our large props and ATA cases. The lift cannot easily take our biggest cases and loading in and out for illusion shows and shipping is unnecessarily time consuming and tiring. So, the hunt is underway for a new secret warehouse that is suitable for our space needs!

ATA Cases with Illusions
By the time this post is published, I will already be overseas again for two weeks. I am spending New Years out of Singapore again just like last year. 🙂

However, while I’m away, to kick off the new year, Magic Boutique is having a 7-day illusion sale from 1 – 7 Jan 2014.

First, we are offering 15% off all digital illusion plans and book sets. Sorry! The offer does not apply to individual books or other effects.

Just enter the promo code “2014” upon checkout.

magic boutiqueSecondly, we have a select number of used professional illusions at GREAT prices (and most economical shipping rates). These illusions are going at a fraction of their selling prices and include:

  • The Aerial Exit
  • Shadow Vision
  • Platform Levitation
  • Full Throttle Motorcycle Production
  • Blammo
  • 12-Girl Cabinet
  • Light & Space
  • Revollusion

illusions for sale

Sales are made on a first confirm basis!

Thirdly, just for magicians in Singapore & Malaysia, I have put aside a number of choice illusions and stage effects for sale. These items will only be available for sale to magicians in SG and MY.  I will make them available internationally only if the item is unsold after the sale.

Fantastic items at extreme discounts include:

  • Simplex Head Chopper with ATA Case
  • Flash Appearance
  • Black Art Case Table
  • 6 Inches – Walking through a Steel Plate
  • Sword through Body by Norm
  • Nielsen
  • Canary Cage by Proline
  • Clone Pad by Lee Earle
  • Psychic Pad Folio by Banachek
  • Any Card to Wallet by Collector’s Workshop
  • Disarmed by Mak Magic
  • The Mysterious Wine bodega by Harries Magic
  • Collapsible Flag Staff by Abbott’s Magic
  • Darwin’s Coin Pail with DVD
  • Crystal Cube
  • Bowling Ball from Briefcase
  • Basketball from Briefcase
  • Switcher by Asi Wind
  • And more!

Sales are made on a first confirm basis!

More of my original illusions are also now available through Thomas Clark including “Crystal Metamorphosis”, “Visual Displacement”, “Blade Pyramid” and “Benchmark”.

I’m really pleased to have Thomas build my illusion designs through his company Magic Sax. He has the exceptional skill to build a high quality prop at an incredibly reasonable price.

“Benchmark” is now available at the low introductory price of US$1800. This price will only be offered to the first few orders so take advantage of it. Here are some pics of Thomas’ “Benchmark”:

Benchmarkpolished2 Benchmark

Check out under the STAGE/ ILLUSIONS for all the great deals!

Happy New Year!

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Year End Media for Singapore Illusionists

As the year draws to a close, we had the good fortune for different media publicity in various newspapers, magazines and online websites.

Our world’s first mega stunts made quite a lot of news headlines in Singapore with coverage in all major newspapers but we also caught the eye of “The Star”, Malaysia’s largest newspaper.


The Star


The New Paper

Today Mega Stunt


[November 1, 2013] Weekender - Magic Babe Ning and JC Sum

We were featured in the Nov 2013 issue of the Weekender newspaper. You can read the Weekender article HERE


A very popular website in Singapore, InSing, did a feature interview with us as well in Dec 2013. You can read the Insing feature HERE

The New Paper Cover 23 Dec 2013

Ning was featured on the full-page cover of The New Papr on 23 Dec 2013. They did a story on people who collect swords and knives and Ning is probably the most well-known personality in Singapore to have a blade collection – hence the inclusion of her in the feature. You can read The New Paper article HERE.

The same article was also reproduced in Chinese in the Lianhe Wanbao on the same day.

photo 1 Ning made popular magazines in Singapore and Malaysia with a shout-out in FHM Oct 2013 and a 3-page pictorial in Mens Health Malaysia, Jul 2013.

photo 2Thanks to all the media for their support even when we were not in the country for many of the features! Thank the stars for technology, wifi and smart phones!

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Last 2 days to get 20% off most products

Thanks for the support for Magic Boutique’s relaunch mega sale so far! International & local customers have enjoyed a combined savings of US$1200 so far with their orders.

For those who have not read my books before, this is your chance to get them at a one-time 20% discount. That’s right. This 20% discount to applies to NEW illusion books, book sets, plans, INSTANT downloads and exclusive close-up & mentalism effects.

The current two hottest products are my new book “Corporate Illusions Made Easy”, the “Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition” and our “Live on Stage” performance DVD.

All these items are going at 20% off when you enter the promo code “illusion books” when you Check Out.

Enjoy massive savings for products that you always wanted to get.

A lucky draw will also be held for customers who spend more than $99 (excluding shipping). 3 lucky winners will receive a $50 voucher to Magic Boutique.

Ultimate Illusion Collection

A number of people have expressed interest in two of my book sets, “The Complete Illusion Library” and “Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition”. However, as they are unfamiliar with my published work, they are understandably hesitant to make the significant investment, although they want to take advantage of the 20% discount during the mega sale.

Here is an offer we can make: Order a digital illusion plan of the illusion you are interested in.

11 Unique Penetrations

If you like what you get, email us and we will give you a rebate code that you can use to buy either book set. That is, we will refund you the cost of the digital illusion plan upon the purchase of the book set. The offer is valid for 1 week from purchasing the digital illusion plan.

Thanks for reading!

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Questions about the New “Corporate Illusions Made Easy’ Book

My new book is now available for pre-order and ships next week worldwide. Check out the trailer below:

CI youtube

I’ve been asked a few questions about the book:

Are the illusions designed only for “Corporate Magicians”?

While the intended audience is for the corporate performer and these are illusions I have used in corporate events, most of the illusions can be adapted for any kind of special event and show. There are appearances and transformations that can be used for any venue and theatrical show.

Are the illusions easy to build?

That is a loaded question because it depends if you have tools and experience building things. For example, a roast chicken may be considered simple for an experienced cook but impossible to make for someone who does not know the difference between a stove and an oven.

Having said that, the illusions are easy to understand and if you have someone who can build (but is not a magician), you will have no problem explaining to them what you need. An experienced magic builder will consider the illusions easy to build.

In addition, I have a whole section in the book on how to get the illusions built.

What is included in the book?

All contents are detailed HERE.

The book is available from magic dealers worldwide, however, if you order from direct from me at Magic Boutique from now till 4 Nov 2013, you will receive a 20% discount off the book, just by entering the promo code “illusion books” when you check out!

If fact, the 20% discount applies to all illusion books, book sets and download plans.

Order the book HERE.

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NEW Illusion Books, Plans & Downloads Mega Sale

Great news for magicians & illusionists around the world!

Ning’s Magic Boutique has gone through a major revamp with a whole slate of new exciting products including new books, books and downloads. One great feature is the INSTANT DOWNLOAD of digital illusion plans, lecture notes and choice close-up & mentalism effects.

Magic Boutique website

To celebrate the relaunch, from 29 Oct 2013 to 4 Nov 2013 (12pm SG time), Magic Boutique will be holding an insane online sale where you can enjoy massive savings! This sale will not be repeated ever again!

Relaunch Mega Sale

Just enter the promo code “illusion books” and enjoy a 20% discount off most products listed in the web store.

The discounts applies to:

1) All illusion books, except the “Illusionism” PDF
2) All book sets
3) All digital illusion plans
4) All close up & mentalism effects & downloads
5) All DVDs and Merchandize

* There are no discounts for illusion props and Pentad Mahogany Cups.

All our products and sale are open worldwide, including Singapore & Malaysia.


Every customer who spends more than US$99 (excluding shipping) will stand a chance to win aUS$50 voucher for future orders at Magic Boutique.

The draw will be conducted immediately after the close of the sale on 4 Nov 2013. Three winners will be chosen!

Web_Banner_Corporate_Illusions_Made_EasyMy brand new book, “Corporate Illusions Made Easy” is now on pre-sale (ships mid Nov 2013) and is available from magic dealers worldwide. BUT, if you order from Magic Boutique during the sale period, you get 20% off!

So, do check out the new Magic Boutique HERE and check out all my new products. Here is a sneak peek:

Complete Illusion Library ImageSimple ShowstoppersInvisible Bookmark

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Headliner Shows, Corporate Gigs & Private Illusion Showcase

It has been quite a few weeks since I’ve blogged. Since we completed our mega stunts, “Ultimate Inversion” and “The Water Vault”, as the closing act for the Singapore Night Festival, we have been headlining a Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner in North Asia covering China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. We performed a full illusion show featuring our favourite illusions as well as a few new acts.

IMG_0147 IMG_0161 IMG_0163 IMG_0169 IMG_0183 IMG_0196 IMG_0208

About 10 days ago, we flew back to Singapore from Shanghai for a series of corporate gigs. Ning was booked to host a corporate launch for media and trade partners. Her brand as a personality has made her sought after beyond traditional magic performances. She did an awesome job hosting the formalities and activities of the event.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????(That is actually Ning’s twin. The real Ning has pink hair!)

The rest of the week was busy as we prepared for a private illusion showcase that we were booked for a corporate client. This was an exciting project to work on as we were booked to create and stage a show in a theatre venue for the private event. We had full autonomy to produce the 90-minute show and have been working on this project for the past 2 months.

A Night of Magic

As our show from the cruise ship was being shipped back from Busan, Korea, this private illusion showcase included different illusions as well as our “Sandman Levitation” that we performed daily in “Ultimate Magic” in 2009.

While I produced the show when I was on the cruise ship, including music production, we spent the week leading up to the show in Singapore rehearsing the show. Adeline designed the lighting cues and coordinated with the logistics, venue and client to ensure all was in order by the time we loaded in on show day.

We moved a total of 10 cases/ illusions from our studio to the theatre in a 20ft truck. The entire morning was spent on the technical set-up including, lighting, sound, effects, staging, drapes and magic equipment. The next few hours were spent concurrently on stage markings, prop movement, lighting design and audio/ video testing. The last few hours before showtime were used for show blocking and final set-up.

Show 1 Show 2 Pre-show activities before the actual show included pre-event mingling entertainers in the lobby, “Wizo the Magical Wizard” Mascot in the theatre itself as well as pre-event videos.

The opening act for the evening featured the Asian Fusion Magic of Yong Tian. She was recently featured in the “Heritage of Magic” show in July 2013 for the Singapore Heritage Festival. This time, she performed her updated act with new twists that climaxed with her magically transforming into the Managing Director of the client’s business group.

Show 3 Show 4 Show 5 Show 6 Show 7

Show 41After the MD gave a short speech, Ning & I took the stage for “A Night of Magic”, as the show was entitled. We presented magic & illusions that we have performed around the world but all in a single show.

Show 8 Show 9 Show 10 Show 11 Show 12Our original version of the “Substitution Trunk” illusion, “Crystal Metamorphosis”, is still on route to Singapore, so we presented the traditional version with an ATA case.

Show 13

Magic Babe Ning Show 14 Show 15 Show 16 Show 17 The highlight act that we designed for this show is a featured item from our “Illusions of the Mind” show. It is a 15-minute act that involves a game show, contestants, mind reading, comedy, audience participation and an incredible prediction that was read out by the MD.

Show 18 Show 19 Show 20 Show 21 Show 22 Show 23 Show 24 Show 25 The last third of the show featured Ning’s sexy “Double Strait Jacket Striptease”, a restaging of our “Sandman Levitation” and “Extreme Burn”, an escape teleportation act that sees Ning vanishing instantly on stage and reappearing in the middle of the audience!

Show 26 Show 27 Show 28 Show 29 Show 30 Show 31 Show 32 Show 33 Show 34 Show 35 Show 36 After the show, we conducted a “meet & greet” in the lobby where we chatted with guests, took photos and autographed souvenir postcards & DVDs.

Show 37 Show 38 OJX_3051

The production was well received by the audience and everyone had segments that they especially enjoyed, although the magic game show was a big hit with many… as predicted 🙂

The cast & crew did a fantastic job on this project. We had a couple of long days & nights with a lot of heavy lifting with all our illusions but everyone did their part and put in 100%. Great job to all!

Show 39

We have a short 2-week break before we fly off again in early Nov. However, the time will be spent on prop maintenance as well as the launch of my new book, “Corporate Illusions Made Easy” and the relaunch of Magic Boutique. The relaunch will include discounts on most products and the introduction of new book set deals & products. If you are a magician, you will want to stay tuned for this launch taking place in the last week of Oct 2013.

Till next time!

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