About J C Sum

Based in Singapore, J C Sum is one of Asia’s most highly regarded professional illusionists and is a world-class designer of original illusions and mega illusions.

The Straits Times (Singapore’s national newspaper) calls him “Singapore’s Most Famous Magician” and Magicseen Magazine refers to him as “The Ace in Asia”. AsiaOne proclaimed J C as “one of the most celebrated magicians in Asia”.

JCNing Promo 2012 Low

Together with his onstage partner ‘Magic Babe’ Ning, they are “Singapore’s Celebrity Magic Duo” (Channel News Asia). The Straits Times also called them “Asia’s Most Famous Illusionists”.

They are well known for their innovative illusions such as teleporting and vanishing  people & cars over great distances as well as setting a world magic record and successfully predicting the national 4D lottery.

They have appeared in over 30 countries and their magic has been seen by over 120 million people worldwide in live shows and on international television.

J C & Ning are multi-award winning illusionists. In 2009, they were awarded Merlin Awards for “Most Original Illusionists of the Year”. In 2012, they were the first Singapore magicians in history to be presented a “Patrons of Magic” award from the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 for their unparalleled contributions to the Singapore magic scene.

Most recently, they were the winners of About.com’s Readers Choice Awards 2012 “Best Stage/ TV Magician” Award.

They are the first Asian magicians to be featured on the cover Europe’s largest magic magazine, Magicseen, who called them “truly one of the world’s leading illusion acts”.

Milestones in J C’s career include:

Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde (2012) – 2nd Performance on famed French TV variety show that was watched by 10 million people.

“The Impossible Challenge” (2012) – New World Record Holder for Performing 50 Magical Productions in 5 Minutes.

“The Mind Heist” (2012) – New World Record Holder for Reading 100 Minds in 60 Minutes

Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde (2011) – First Singapore artistes to be booked to perform on the famed French TV variety show that was watched by 10 million people.

60min 3D TV Magic Special (2011) – Singapore’s first 3D TV show commissioned by the Media Development Authority. Principal filming completed. Scheduled for a Jun 2012 launch.

“The Aerial Exit” (2010) – A Mega Illusion in the Air

“Duel Mahakarya Magician” (2010) – Represented Singapore in an Indonesian RCTI TV Special that was watched by more than 40mil people.

“The Impossible 4D Prediction” (2010) – A Lottery Prediction Psychological Illusion

“Destination: X” (2009) – Cross-country Teleportation of a Car in 8.5 seconds in front of 16,000 people

“The Impossible Record” (2009) – New World Record Holder for Performing 15 Illusions in 5 Minutes

“The Impossible Journey” (2008) – Teleporting 3 spectators across the Singapore River in 2.5 seconds

“Ultimate Magic” (2008 – 2009) – Singapore’s First Magic Attraction endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board

“The Impossible Teleportation” (2007) – Teleporting 50 Stories in 5 Seconds

“Street Illusions” (2006) – MediaCorp Studios. Singapore’s first “Street Magic” TV series.

Master of Magic Award (2005) – International Festival of Magic (Bangladesh)

Linking Ring Awards (1999) – International Brotherhood of Magicians (U.S.A)

Watch their Promo Trailer on Youtube here or below:

While J C & Ning are primarily known for their stage work, check out an incredible piece of “Street Magic” here or below:

As the name states, this blog focuses on the behind-the-scenes aspects of the business of “Show Business”. J C shares his insights on how creative & artistic individuals can be commercially successful in their respective fields.

J C uses the term ”Commerical Creative Artist” to refer to any creative or artistic individual who is looking to pursue their craft at a professional commercial level; whether it is full-time, part-time or free-lancer.

As a respected creative professional in the arts & media industries, J C often shares his views in interviews, articles and talks. He delivers an engaging interactive program that educates, motivates & inspire!

His topics focus on creativity, communication and the art, science and business of magic. He has been the closing speaker at two TEDx events – TEDxNTU and TEDxCQ.

For booking info, visit: www.jcsum.com
For videos, visit: www.youtube.com/conceptmagic
Join J C & Ning on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening

In his spare time, J C reads, watches lots of movies/ DVDs, cooks, plays pool and customizes Transformers toys. Check out the “Transformers” category in this blog.


4 Responses to About J C Sum

  1. andrew koh says:

    keep it up JC, i’m definitely looking forward to your next performance at the Singapore River Festival!

  2. RobertOng says:

    This is a very fantastic and insightful blog. Keep it up!

  3. Leonard says:

    Great work on this blog! It is very interesting and I love your frequent updates on the behind the scenes aspects of your work. I particularly like how you approach your craft as a business and how you put together your illusion shows. Magic is really more than meets the eye and I never knew there was so much to being a magician.

  4. Lester says:


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