“The Jail Box” New Illusion

I’m on a creative roll this past week… churning out many new designs and improvements to existing illusions. It must be the pent-up creative juices that have been stored up in the past few months. I work in phases at different times of the year and it is a natural cycle every few months.

Ning & I have been looking for a new illusion for our Basic Illusion Show for smaller corporate & special events. While most of our shows are bigger illusion shows now, we still get a couple of Basic shows a month.

After months of searching and brainstorming, I had yet another epiphany and whipped up a technical design for an illusion which I have dubbed “The Jail Box”. It is something quite unique and combines an escape theme (sort of) with an illusion penetration effect.

Today, the team did some important preparation work for our upcoming “Destination X” mega illusion while I spent the day taking measurements. One of the toughest part of designing illusions is coming up with the technical design.

Many can come up with illusion concepts but putting dimensions, materials and building methods to the ideas is a different skillset altogether. It took about 4 hours to determine the exact dimenisons and materials; followed by another 2 hours of drawing the plans.

This illusion is being built right away. Let’s see if we can get this out by Sept 2009.

Today, I also received an awesome gift in the form of a handmade magic effect. It is a vanishing deck effect custom-made from various materials and it works like a charm… mostly 🙂 I love it! A calibre effort 🙂



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One Response to “The Jail Box” New Illusion

  1. rikky says:

    jailbox escape sounds funky – will it be performed to jailhouse rock music? 😛

    the vanishing deck looks super cool! i have seen people selling them before but i never know that you can hand make one!

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