Introducting the NEW and The Illusion Bookstore

As mentioned in my previous post, I’m in the process of splitting up this blog to serve the different audiences that read the blog.

All illusion-related entries will now be posted at the all-new


Wow! What started out as a simple blog a few years ago grew to a one-stop illusion resource site for magicians. Now, after many many man-hours, multiple people working on the site and investing some serious cash, the entire site has been completely revamped!

The new site features:

    • A Brand New Design, Layout, Format & Functionality
    • New Content, Articles and Ideas
    • A Responsible Mobile Platform
    • Opportunities to Earn Income from the Website
    • Partner Promotion Programs
    • A Free Illusion Plan and Backstage Access

Worldwide support for the site has been amazing over the years. Thanks for your comments, emails and Facebook messages!

I guarantee this site will serve you even better now!

Thank you also to all the new generation international illusionists from different countries for contributing photos to this site.


affiliate banner 1000 x 200

To better reflect the branding of my catalog of books, I have a new online storefront at

In addition, I’m pleased to announce that ALL my books including “The Complete Illusion Library” and “Ultimate Illusion Collection” are available as INSTANT DOWNLOADS.

That’s right, customers will save on shipping costs and can get the books immediately after purchase. The Instant Downloads are also priced at a slightly lower price than the physical books.

Customers can buy the Instant Downloads and print only the illusions they intend to build at any one time.

I’m really pleased with how the storefront has turned out and it’s modern design and functionality reflect the modern approach to illusions in my books.

Check it out! I think you will love it to!

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International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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