For Magicians

Not surprisingly about 25% of the readers of this blog are magicians, both professional and amateur as well as magic enthusiasts. This page has been organized with magicians in mind and features the most popular and useful blog entries for magicians.

While many of the articles and essays are suitable for general reading for all magicians, I should make a disclaimer that my point of view is often seen from a commercial mainstream audience point of view. I try to see how the general public & media view magic as opposed to how magicians view magic.

My point of view is reflective of myself being a professional commerical magician/ illusionist/ designer since 1993, having been through all stages of magic developement from newbie magic enthusiast, to hobbyist, to semi-professional to full-time professional who runs a magic production house.

I’ve produced the shows and developed many Singapore magic talents over the years. In fact, a large number of the full-time professional magicians working today came though Concept:Magic.

For professional magicians or any magician looking to perform commercially for the mainstream marketplace (as opposed to magicians who are selling their acts, products or lectures to the cottage industry magic market), I recommend that you read all the entries under the category “Commercial Creative Artist”. This category deals specifically with positioning yourself, marketing and promoting yourself to be of high commercial value to your target clients.

If you are interested in performing illusions, learning illusion design and developing your illusion knowledge, visit my website dedicated to this subject at:

For general reading for magicians, I recommend the following entries:

(Note: This is updated regularly so check back often!)

General Magic

Books of the Trade – My list of “must-read” books for magicians

Exclusive Interview with Red Dot Magic – This is the most in-depth video interview that Ning & I have done to date and we share our approach to magic as well as offer advice on how to differentiate yourself as a magician.

Approaches to Originality – How to be more original

Working with Female Partners by ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

Is the Appearing Cane the New Rabbit Out of the Hat Trick? – Does this apply to you? Honestly.

The Magic Evolution & You – Are you a ‘relevant’ magician?

Evolve Your Magic & Yourself Before it is Too Late by ‘Magic Babe’ Ning

Cups & Balls – Does it Have A Place in Today’s Modern Magic Repertoire?


Illusion Performance, Presentation & Design

For professional illusionists and magicians looking to get into illusions seriously, I recommend they check out my ultimate illusion resource site:


6 Responses to For Magicians

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  2. Chris Cheong says:

    A very nice write up JC! =)

  3. Pingback: Approaching Material Development for the Commercial Creative Artist | BACKSTAGE BUSINESS

  4. Bertrand says:

    thank you for sharing this with us 🙂

  5. Peter Prevos says:

    There is also a lot of scientific research conducted on magic – its history, psychology, sociology and practical uses. See for a comprehensive overview.

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