Exclusive Interview with Red Dot Magic

Just before our “Illusions of the Mind” public sneak previews on 20 Nov, we sat down with Red Dot Magic, a Singapore magic news site, for an exclusive interview. This is the most in-depth video interview we have ever done and we shared our thoughts on a wide range of magic subjects.

It might be useful if you are a magician and/ or are thinking of performing magic commercially. We share our approach based on our fundamental strategy and perception of the mainstream market place.

It is a two-parter and Red Dot Magic did a great job with the interview. Keep it up guys and I’m sure everyone will be looking forward to other interviews with other magicians in the future.


In Part 1, we talk about how we got started in magic, got to work with each other as well as how a magician evolves and differentiate him/ herself.

Watch Part 1 on Youtube here or below:

In Part 2, we share our thoughts on magic in South East Asia, our upcoming “The Aerial Exit” mega illusion, our “Live in Penang” gig and offer advice to magicians.

Watch Part 2 on Youtube here or below:


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