J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning to Star and Host 3D TV Show

This is exciting! After months of preparations, previews, brainstorming and presentations, we are so pleased to announce that Ning & I have been confirmed to star and host a brand new one-off 60min TV special.

What is so special is that this will be the first of two TV shows to be filmed in 3D in Singapore and one of the world’s first 3D TV programs. With the current trend in 3D films, it was natural that TV would follow suit.

The television show is commissioned by the Media Development Authority (MDA) and we will be showcasing our brand of illusion as well as locations, arts and culture in Singapore.

Besides hosting and performing magic along the way, we will close the show with a mega illusion designed for the program. The vanishing act of an entire full-sized bus!

Filming magic in 3D is completely different as it is a two camera set-up and angles are less forgiving then a single lens perspective. Technically, I foresee adjustments and fine tuning will have to done along the way. We are doing a variety of magic of different scales from smaller “Street Magic” type routines to the mega illusion finale.

The program will be showcased at this year’s Broadcast Asia tradeshow, the biggest tradeshow for television producers, networks and broadcasters in Asia. It will also be subsequently broadcast on national TV as a trial for 3D TV content.

It is truly awesome to be able to front mainstream media TV content for Singapore in this way. It also is in line of our vision of pushing the envelope in applying magic content on innovative platforms.

We did shoot one segment during Chingay a few weeks back but we begin a full schedule of shooting this week for the next two weeks. I’m sure if will be a great experience and we are thankful for the opportunity and really look forward to bring our brand to another media platform.

Here is a rough preview (not meant for broadcast standards) that we shot for the project. Obviously, this was shot in 2D!

Join our Facebook page for shoot dates and schedules.


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