Filming of “M for Magic” Magic Series

Over the weekend, we finished filming 9 of the 10 episodes for a new magic series.

Designed by Sinema TV, “M for Magic” is an independent magic program featuring the future in local magic (youth talents) brought to you by J C Sum & Magic Babe Ning, Fly Entertainment and Sinema TV. It will air on a new Internet TV portal that will be launched in Jun 2011.

Packaged into seasons, the first season will present magic that can be performed on the crowded streets of Singapore.

This season is hosted by Ning & myself and features 14 young Singapore magicians and 9 Fly Entertainment artistes. The season finale will see Ning & I hang out with Irene Ang, founder of Fly Entertainment and see if we can impress her with our brand of illusion.

The young Singapore magicians featured include: Alexander, Samuel, Matthew Lee, Harapan Ong, Tommy K, Ming Da, Larry the Daredevil Magician, Adeline Ng, Kyle Ravin, Alvin Terence, Maya, Darren Tien, Godwin Tan and Timothy Leow.

The FLY Entertainment artistes who lent their support and name to our young magicians include: Crispian Chan, Rebecca Tan, Stephanie Carrington, Pamelyn Chee, Bobby Tonelli, Benjamin Heng, Jamie Teo, Caroline Cheong and Adele Wong.

As the magic producer/ director, I worked with the talent on the content and planned each episode breakdown as well as the effects Ning & myself presented as hosts of the series. The talent were tremendously open to take direction and knew their acts and routines well so were able to make immediate adjustments so that they were camera friendly.

Personally, I’m impressed with each talent who took up the challenge and made the step to be part of the project. Several of them shot videos immediately upon our request to try to secure a spot in the show. And for those who put in that extra effort, we rewarded their enthusiasm as that is one of the objectives of the show – to showcase new talent who have the hunger, drive and passion.

The Fly Entertainment artistes were just fantastic to work with and they understood their role and really made the featured magicians feel comfortable. This is really a great example of the community of artistes helping other artistes.

I am really confident that the series is going to look great and that each magician showcased will be proud of what they did. They will be seen performing for a Fly artiste as well as amazing real people on the streets of Singapore.

I think this project is a tremendous boost for the local magic scene. Ning & I truly believe this is the most effective way to elevate the art here – by showcasing new talent performing contemporary magic (both in content and style) in a mainstream medium and by providing content that can be viewed by anyone in the world.

The production team from Sinema Media was really awesome and made the shoot efficient. While they had never shot magic before, they were very quick to pick up the techniques needed to capture magic for TV. Jillyn, Cecilia, Wen Xin and Regina were all a dream to work with! Boss Nicholas dropped in a few times to check in on the shoot as well… or maybe he was just in the area!

Here are some photos from the last 2 days of the shoot.

Check out our Facebook fan page for the complete album of photos of the filming over 3 days. Join our page for the latest updates and news!


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