Headliner Shows, Corporate Gigs & Private Illusion Showcase

It has been quite a few weeks since I’ve blogged. Since we completed our mega stunts, “Ultimate Inversion” and “The Water Vault”, as the closing act for the Singapore Night Festival, we have been headlining a Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner in North Asia covering China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. We performed a full illusion show featuring our favourite illusions as well as a few new acts.

IMG_0147 IMG_0161 IMG_0163 IMG_0169 IMG_0183 IMG_0196 IMG_0208

About 10 days ago, we flew back to Singapore from Shanghai for a series of corporate gigs. Ning was booked to host a corporate launch for media and trade partners. Her brand as a personality has made her sought after beyond traditional magic performances. She did an awesome job hosting the formalities and activities of the event.

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????(That is actually Ning’s twin. The real Ning has pink hair!)

The rest of the week was busy as we prepared for a private illusion showcase that we were booked for a corporate client. This was an exciting project to work on as we were booked to create and stage a show in a theatre venue for the private event. We had full autonomy to produce the 90-minute show and have been working on this project for the past 2 months.

A Night of Magic

As our show from the cruise ship was being shipped back from Busan, Korea, this private illusion showcase included different illusions as well as our “Sandman Levitation” that we performed daily in “Ultimate Magic” in 2009.

While I produced the show when I was on the cruise ship, including music production, we spent the week leading up to the show in Singapore rehearsing the show. Adeline designed the lighting cues and coordinated with the logistics, venue and client to ensure all was in order by the time we loaded in on show day.

We moved a total of 10 cases/ illusions from our studio to the theatre in a 20ft truck. The entire morning was spent on the technical set-up including, lighting, sound, effects, staging, drapes and magic equipment. The next few hours were spent concurrently on stage markings, prop movement, lighting design and audio/ video testing. The last few hours before showtime were used for show blocking and final set-up.

Show 1 Show 2 Pre-show activities before the actual show included pre-event mingling entertainers in the lobby, “Wizo the Magical Wizard” Mascot in the theatre itself as well as pre-event videos.

The opening act for the evening featured the Asian Fusion Magic of Yong Tian. She was recently featured in the “Heritage of Magic” show in July 2013 for the Singapore Heritage Festival. This time, she performed her updated act with new twists that climaxed with her magically transforming into the Managing Director of the client’s business group.

Show 3 Show 4 Show 5 Show 6 Show 7

Show 41After the MD gave a short speech, Ning & I took the stage for “A Night of Magic”, as the show was entitled. We presented magic & illusions that we have performed around the world but all in a single show.

Show 8 Show 9 Show 10 Show 11 Show 12Our original version of the “Substitution Trunk” illusion, “Crystal Metamorphosis”, is still on route to Singapore, so we presented the traditional version with an ATA case.

Show 13

Magic Babe Ning Show 14 Show 15 Show 16 Show 17 The highlight act that we designed for this show is a featured item from our “Illusions of the Mind” show. It is a 15-minute act that involves a game show, contestants, mind reading, comedy, audience participation and an incredible prediction that was read out by the MD.

Show 18 Show 19 Show 20 Show 21 Show 22 Show 23 Show 24 Show 25 The last third of the show featured Ning’s sexy “Double Strait Jacket Striptease”, a restaging of our “Sandman Levitation” and “Extreme Burn”, an escape teleportation act that sees Ning vanishing instantly on stage and reappearing in the middle of the audience!

Show 26 Show 27 Show 28 Show 29 Show 30 Show 31 Show 32 Show 33 Show 34 Show 35 Show 36 After the show, we conducted a “meet & greet” in the lobby where we chatted with guests, took photos and autographed souvenir postcards & DVDs.

Show 37 Show 38 OJX_3051

The production was well received by the audience and everyone had segments that they especially enjoyed, although the magic game show was a big hit with many… as predicted 🙂

The cast & crew did a fantastic job on this project. We had a couple of long days & nights with a lot of heavy lifting with all our illusions but everyone did their part and put in 100%. Great job to all!

Show 39

We have a short 2-week break before we fly off again in early Nov. However, the time will be spent on prop maintenance as well as the launch of my new book, “Corporate Illusions Made Easy” and the relaunch of Magic Boutique. The relaunch will include discounts on most products and the introduction of new book set deals & products. If you are a magician, you will want to stay tuned for this launch taking place in the last week of Oct 2013.

Till next time!


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