‘Magic Babe’ Ning Escapes from The Water Vault at the Singapore Night Festival

She did it!

Ning, successfully escaped from “The Water Vault” in just over 3 minutes in front of a packed large audience.

The mega stunt was presented at the Singapore Night Festival, organized by the National Heritage Board, and took place in front of the iconic National Museum.

The Water Vault is a restraint container and system that I designed that saw Ning being locked, shackled and chained and completely submerged in a solid stainless steel vault filled with water.

The girl has been training underwater for months ever since we were verbally confirmed for the stunt in March earlier this year. This eventually progressed to rehearing the actual escape from “The Water Vault” after it was fabricated.

Months of work paid off as she conquered this mega stunt in front of a huge captivated crowd that was rooting for her. The atmosphere was amazing especially since the stunt was performed in front of the iconic and historical national museum at night. The setting was perfect!

The entire performance started with a custom animation created by OIC that featured animated versions of Ning & myself being projected on the facade of the National Museum. In fact, the museum served as our projection screen for close-up cameras to follow the act.

The Water Vault A 2Photo credit: Amos Lim

The Water Vault A 3Photo credit: Amos Lim

The stunt started with the vault being thoroughly examined by two spectators followed by all the locks, shackles and chains to prove they were legitimate.

Ning’s costume of choice for this escape was a 2XU compression suit provided by the kind folks at Key Power Sports. A metal detector was passed around Ning’s body to ensure she had no keys on her.

The Water Vault E 2Photo credit: Erwin Tan

Her wrists were then wrapped with a chain and locked into place a padlock. Next, her arms were wrapped with a long length of heavy chain and then locked together with another padlock. Finally, her arms with secured with a pair of stainless steel shackles and two padlocks.

The Water Vault B 2Photo credit: Bernard Sim

Ning was given two paper clips as the only tools to use to pick her locks and make her escape.

After taking three deep breathes, Ning completely submerged herself underwater in the stainless steel vault. More water was poured into the vault till it overflowed (and compensated for the water that was displaced by Ning) and the vault was immediately covered and locked in place with six heavy duty chains and padlocks.

The Water Vault E 4Photo credit: Erwin Tan

Underwater and in the dark, Ning had to use the paper clips to pick the padlocks open.
To make the escape more challenging, we deliberately used different brands of padlocks of different sizes. Each padlock is unique and requires a different touch to pick.

Ning had to first pick the lock that held the chain binding her wrists. Then she had to remove the padlocks on the shackles before moving onto the body chain restraint.

The Water Vault E 5Photo credit: Erwin Tan

We expected her to finish this first phase at about the 1min 25 second mark but she took longer than expected and explained why later. One of the arm shackle locks turned at an awkward angle, making it hard to reach and pick.

After Ning got out of all her restraints she unscrewed a small plate in the lid of the vault that allowed her to use one hand to pick the locks on the outside of the vault. She picked the first lock that released two of the four chains that wrapped around the vault. Next, she picked the second lock to release the other two chains.

The Water Vault EPhoto credit: Erwin Tan

The Water Vault E 8Photo credit: Erwin Tan

At about the two & a half minute mark, Ning used her sense of touch to open a combination lock that locked a hinged lid shot. Finally, the lid burst open with Ning emerging from “The Water Vault” as a pyrotechnic shower fired off!

The Water Vault E 6Photo credit: Erwin Tan

The Water Vault BPhoto credit: Bernard Sim

Congrats once again to Ning for pulling off such a spectacular stunt. She made her mark on the local entertainment scene five years ago with “The Impalement Cage” and now she has cemented herself as one of the top female escape and magic performers in the world today. Well done babe! I’m so proud of you.

The Water Vault A 8Photo credit: Amos Lim

Update: Watch video highlights of “The Water Vault” from Razor TV HERE.

The Water Vault Razor TV

UPDATE: Watch the official video below:

Water Vault Youtube


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  1. Lexi says:

    Oh, I thought she was going to wear a similar swimsuit that was shown on the poster.

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