Mega Stunts for the Singapore Night Festival Happens Tonight & Tomorrow!


Ning, our team and ourselves have been tremendously busy this week with preparations for our two original mega stunts this weekend. “The Water Vault” takes place today (30 Aug 2013) and “Ultimate Inversion” takes place on Sat (31 Aug 2013).

I have been a bit too swamped with all the rehearsals, production meetings, technical set up and media interviews that I have had no time to post updates.

The media support has been tremendous and we are thrilled that we can still capture the imagination of the general public with our original mega stunts. We have had interviews/ photoshoots/ been featured in with Channel News Asia, TODAY, The New Paper, The Straits Times LIFE!, 91.3FM, 93.8FM, 98.7FM and our stunts will also be covered by Razor TV, The New Paper and others.

Follow us on our Facebook page with all the links to media, behind the scenes photos and the latest updates: 

media preview 1 media preview 2The Water Vault and Ultimate Inversion


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1 Response to Mega Stunts for the Singapore Night Festival Happens Tonight & Tomorrow!

  1. Lexi says:

    Man, I wonder if Ning is going to wear that type of swimsuit on that poster.

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