Deadly Sexy Magic Teaser #2 – J C Sum

This is the second teaser for a TV project that we currently have in development. Watch it here!


I designed a wide range of magic to fit the location, feel and style of the show. The effects also needed to fit the director’s vision of the teaser with his shots in mind as well as pacing for the overall video.

The teaser had to complement Ning’s teaser which was our official 1st teaser for “Deadly Sex Magic”. So, the look and style was essential. In pre-production meetings, we discussed various effects and “props” that would fit the feel of the teaser.

I drew on my repertoire of close-up magic effects, techniques and methods to create a variety of visual magic effects. I did not want to have any magic that was created through CGI or camera cut edits. Every magic effect was created with a single continuous shot.

The opening shot sees me performing a flourish with a Zippo lighter as well as stylistic shots with bare handed appearances of a handkerchief and giant red ruby. We shot a number of close-up card flourishes and effects including an original colour change of mine that I call the “Peek Change”. While I developed in the late 90s, I’m sure there has been similar independent creations since.

I had fun doing a bit of card throwing with the intention of hitting and putting out the flame of a candle with a card. As I’m not a professional card thrower (even though I’ve played around with the techniques), I managed to nail a shot in 4 takes, albeit from a comfortably close distance.

As we wanted to showcase a magic effect that was designed for the environment, I came up with a magical production of a glass of cold champagne from a thin menu, belonging to the establishment.

I included two fire effects for visual variety and also because good magic effects with fire are always crowd-pleasers. I performed a “fickle fire” style vanishing fire in hand effect as well as the burning paper origami rose to real rose for the closing shot. What you may not realize is that the leaf on the real rose is actually burnt from the fire. 🙂

Look out for the final teaser coming out on Friday!

I had a number of other effects designed including several coin effects such as my “3 Fly” and “Translocation” handlings but were deemed too “small” by the director. It is interesting how laymen in the media industry view magic but it is a good reality check of what they think has commercial appeal and is impressive to the lay public, especially for a TV audience.

This teaser took about 8 hours to film but I think the results are excellent and the production team did a fantastic job producing it.

Look out for Epic Teaser #3 very soon!


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