‘Magic Babe’ Ning’s “The Water Vault” Rehearsals

Rehearsals are still on-going for both of our mega stunts that will close this year’s Singapore Night Festival at the end of the month.

Ning’s “The Water Vault” is an underwater tank escape from a stainless steel vault. A total of 11 locks of different types and models are used in this mega escape. We have custom designed and made lock-belts that the crew will wear for easy access for them to get the locks when Ning is being shackled up.

In any show production, dead-time must be eliminated to ensure the show’s pacing is not slow. Looking for the right locks during the lock-up process, especially when there are so many locks can be a significant amount of dead-time. Our lock-belts eliminate this.


Ning will be shackled in a full body restraint chain and shackle system before she submerges herself into the vault and it is sealed.


Read the past entry on “The Water Vault” with more photos here.

Come down to watch Ning attempt to escape from “The Water Vault”:

30 Aug 2013 (Fri)

Show time: 10pm
Venue: National Museum
Free Admission

Ning & I will also be attempting “Ultimate Inversion” the following day, same time, same place where we will be attempting the most extreme version of the upside down straitjacket escape ever created.


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