Shooting New “Deadly Sexy Magic” TV Show Teasers

A few months ago, we shared the first trailer for a TV project we are working on – “Deadly Sexy Magic”. It featured Ning as the epitome of the deadly, sexy magician and setting the tone and style of the show.

Between preparations of our two upcoming mega stunts as the closing for the Singapore Night Festival and our “Heritage of Magic” shows earlier this month, we have managed to squeeze in filming two more teasers for our “Deadly Sexy Magic” project.

Deadly Sexy Magic

Two days ago, on the Hari Raya holiday, we shot my teaser that features more than a dozen visual magic effects shot in a stylized manner. I will share info on this teaser when it is completed in post production so as to not give anything away. This will be Teaser #2.

Yesterday, we shot the final teaser that showcased Ning & myself together with highly stylized imagery as well as with an illusion in a container shipyard. This location contrasts very strongly with locations for the previous two teasers.

We worked with our production partner, Upside Down Concepts, on the concept as well as creative angles to capture shots with maximum dramatic effect. The production team was awesome as was our own magic team who ensured we were best prepared for the long day/ night shoot that lasted almost 11 hours.

Based on footage that we have reviewed, we have got some killer shots and multiple wardrobe changes & sets offer great visual variety.

Check out some behind the scenes shots from the shoot and look out for the two teasers soon!

J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 1 J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 2 J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 3 J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 4 J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 5 J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 6

Deadly Sexy Magic J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 7 J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 8 J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 9 J C Sum Magic Babe Ning 10


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