Restraints for ‘Magic Babe’ Ning’s “The Water Vault” Mega Stunt

You probably have seen photos of “The Water Vault” that Ning will be attempting to escape on 30 Aug 2013, 10pm at the National Museum for the Singapore Night Festival 2013. If not, you can see them here.

However, before she is even submerged completely underwater in the vault, Ning will be first restrained with a variety of shackles and chains.

Over the weeks before the vault was ready, she has been training underwater with her restraints in the pool. Naturally, holding your breath underwater and attempting to pick your way through locks is much more difficult than doing it on land. Nothing replicates it than actually being underwater. Of course, being inside the vault is even more difficult due to the small space she has as well as the temperature of water inside the vault.

Ning Water Vault Chains 1

The restraints that will bind Ning’s body include:

  • 25ft of thick stainless steel chain that will wrap around Ning’s neck, arms and waists, secured by a large brass padlock
  • 2ft of thick stainless steel chain that will wrap around her wrists, secured by a Master padlock.
  • Two stainless steel arm shackles locked over her arms, secured with two Master padlocks

Ning will have to pick her way through all these restraints before even trying to escape the actual “Water Vault”

Ning Water Vault Chains 2


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