Behind the Scenes Promo Photo Shoot for Yong Tian at Jiu Zhuang

Yesterday afternoon, Ning & I worked as creative producers for Yong Tian’s (AKA Adeline Ng) brand new promo shoot. If you watched or read about the “Heritage of Singapore Magic” show we produced and hosted a few weeks ago, you know that Yong Tian performs an “Asian Fusion Magic” show that is a completely contemporary show with modern interpretations of distinctively Chinese magic acts.

The location was an apt choice, the beautiful and cosy “Jiu Zhuang” located at Dempsey. The restaurant & wine bar fitted Yong Tian’s theme perfectly and served as an excellent backdrop. I highly recommend you check out the place to chill out, especially if you like whiskies. They have a great selection of single malts and blended whiskies.

jiu zhuang

Over the years, I have produced many local magic acts and shows. In fact, more than half a dozen professional Singapore magicians working today have had shows produced by me or went through the “Concept:Magic system”. Ning & I produced the “Heritage of Magic” show and are also producing Yong Tian’s “Asian Fusion Magic” show. It is coming along nicely with many innovative twists and custom produced acts.

One of her highlight acts is her version of the “Kuma Tubes”. It is seldom performed today as in its traditional form, it might feel a bit too antiquated for modern audiences. However, Yong Tian’s version has multiple surprises through the act and has a modern choreography as well as a complementing soundtrack. One part of the act features the impossible production of an endless red silk scarf, followed by a giant vat of wine.

kuma tube endless streamerPhoto credit: TH Photography

We wanted to capture the essence of this act into her new promo shot as it is so distinctive to her act. So, we had the red silk scarf cascade endlessly out of the vat gathering into a pile onto the floor. No one but an authentic Chinese female magician could also pull off the elegant look. The actual shot looks 20 times better and is beautifully lit with high contrast.

Yong Tian Singapore Female Magician 1

Another act in her show is the amazing production of a seemingly endless number of red wine bottles. We had these bottles surround her Chinese wine vat as she poured wine from another bottle into the vat. The neat shelves of liquors, spirits and wines behind her was an ideal backdrop for the concept of this shot. The western wine bottles contrasting with the traditional Chinese wine vat was a perfect representation of “Asian Fusion”.

Yong Tian Singapore Female Magician 2

Look out for the final photographs soon!


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