A Busy Half Year Ahead with Magic, Illusions & Mega Stunts

We just wrapped up the final show for the “Heritage of Singapore Magic” shows as part of the Singapore Heritage Festival presented by the National Heritage Festival. You can read about the show and accompanying exhibition here.

I’m personally proud of this show and the cast was right for the show. Feedback has been excellent from the public, the client and even magicians who came down to watch the show.

As a producer, the job is to ensure the show is written well and the flow of the show is seamless with smooth transitions and minimal dead time; at least that is a simplistic job description. In my approach to producing shows, music design and selection is also critical. In this case, I did select the music for all acts, including producing the music and sound bed transitions. As a magic producer, there is also a need to work on the magic in the acts, in terms of effects, routining and structure. Technical magic issues and psychology also need to be addressed. When all the acts look good, the show looks good.

The cast & crew worked hard for this show and although Ning & I did some “remote” producing from Korea in the weeks leading up to the show, Adeline served as co-producer to lead rehearsals as per the production schedule and cue sheets. You have to love technology that allowed us to produce the music and send it over online almost instantly.

Heritage of Singapore Magic Cast

With the “Heritage of Magic” shows wrapped up, we now turn our focus to the preparation for our two mega stunts.

Ning’s “The Water Vault” is almost complete and we expect delivery for rehearsals this week. Our custom rigging for “Ultimate Inversion” mega stunt is also being fabricated as I write this. This will be the world’s first ever tandem upside down strait jacket escape where both Ning & I will be strapped up in two strait jackets each and then hung from our ankles upside down, one below the other, from a single burning rope, 50ft up in the air. More on this mega stunt and the rigging in a subsequent post.

In addition to the fabrication of equipment, logistics and project management, we will have media and promotional commitments. Along the way, we also have several one-off shows for special events that we have to juggle.

Another special event we are preparing for is a private illusion showcase for a corporate event in Oct. We have been booked to produce a 75-minute custom designed show just for 500 guests in a theatre venue. We are pleased to bring our brand of illusion at this scale for clients looking to do something different from traditional dinner events. Besides a spectacular illusion show, we have many different unique surprises lined up including working with a variety of talent for pre-show. This is really exciting and we are really going to push the envelope for what people expect for a corporate event illusion show!

We will be shipping our gear back from Shanghai for this show as it will feature many of our favourite illusions in a single show. We have a full show currently installed on Royal Caribbean’s “Mariner of the Seas” as we return to the cruise liner to headline the main theatre for 5 weeks in Sep/ early Oct after our two mega stunts. Subsequently, we return to the “Mariner” with our show back for the whole of Nov before installing a new show on Celebrity Cruises “Millennium” in Dec.

Yong Tian (AKA Adeline Ng) will be opening our show for the private illusion showcase. If you watched her at the “Heritage of Magic” show, you know that she performs a baffling version of the Kuma Tubes that even fooled magicians. In the “Heritage of Magic” show, she was representing early Chinese visiting magicians traveling to Singapore. However, her actual new show is entitled “Asian Fusion Magic” which is a contemporary show with modern interpretations of traditional Chinese acts. She will be presenting several of her new acts in one seamless act as the opening the private illusion showcase. We having been producing this show for half a year now and the results are showing. Look out for it soon!


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