Filming for LOL for Toggle

This Sunday was a long day starting with a “Heritage of Magic” show at City Square Mall, followed by an appearance at the official launch of the Singapore Heritage Festival. I will post details of the “Heritage of Magic” show in my next entry.

After those two shows, we headed to Scape for a TV taping of LOL that will air on Toggle in Oct 2013. This is a local talk show hosted by Denise and Marcus. We taped the first segment of the show that included a “chit-chat” session on the couch. We spoke on our mega illusions, international performances as well as shared funny stories. I’m not sure how much we will make to air but it was a great banter between Ning, Denise and myself.

J C Sum Magic Babe Ning LOL 1

J C Sum Magic Babe Ning LOL 2

We ended our segment with our presentation for the head guillotine illusion that we dub “The Carrot Chopper”. It is our original presentation of a routine I first wrote in 1995 for an arm chopper. This is actually the very first time Ning & I are performing this illusion.

The guillotine prop was presented to us as a gift from a magician a few months ago. It was in a beat-up condition and mechanically not perfect. We spent a couple of weeks refurbishing the guillotine, making it even better than new. A big thank you to Adeline for overseeing the refurbishing. The entire device was taken apart. Parts were filed, cut, re-sanded and varnished. The completed prop was need refinished with a two-tone natural wood grain finish.

The illusion starts with the display and examination of a giant chopping blade that cuts a carrot into two. Subsequently, a volunteer (in this case, Denise, the show host) stepped forward, or rather we took a step backwards, and “volunteered” to have her head literally on the chopping block.

J C Sum Magic Babe Ning LOL 3

J C Sum Magic Babe Ning LOL 4

J C Sum Magic Babe Ning LOL 5

You will have to find what happens when the episode airs!

The audience, hosts and production crew loved the segment and the response was great. We are personally pleased with how it came across and the hours of rehearsal and practice were worth it.

I’ll keep you posted on the air date when I get it!

J C Sum Magic Babe Ning LOL 6Check out the official photos from the taping on LOL’s Facebook page HERE:

J C SUm Magic Babe Ning LOLOfficial Photo credit: Aloysius Lim



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