The Continuing History & Evolution of Singapore Magic

In 2007, I undertook a small passion project where I (along with fellow magician Shawn Chua) researched the history of magic in Singapore. You can read that article here.

It is with appreciative excitement that, 6 years later, the National Heritage Board (NHB) has decided to highlight magic as part of Singapore’s living heritage and showcase homegrown talent. My article was one of the early reference materials on our history.

Singapore Heritage Festival 2013

NHB has put together different projects that will feature Singapore magic in a variety of ways.

MAGICAL MOMENTS – Exhibition on Singapore Magic Heritage

One of the projects is a dedicated exhibition “Magical Moments” as part of the Singapore Heritage Festival. This will be located at City Square Mall from 19 – 28 July 2013 as one of the festive hubs for the heritage festival.

Interviews and research were conducted with different people and the local magic clubs. All the information will be curated into an exhibition that will feature write-ups, photographs and even props, highlight different facets of the local magic scene, from past to present. The exhibit with large format panels of text and photos highlight our magic heritage from The Great Wong to ‘Magic Babe’ Ning.

Check out an article on the Singapore Heritage Festival where Ning is quoted as well. Read it here.

Update: Check out photos of the exhibition here.

I think this is such a fantastic thing for our local magic heritage and that one of our government agencies are investing in promoting our art. In fact, I think that this is the first ever that a government agency is doing so much for magic.

Do come down to check out the exhibition!


I’m also pleased to announce that NHB has chosen Ning & I to produce and stage the other two projects.

The first is a series of special shows that we have conceived as part of the heritage festival.

We have produced a unique “Heritage of Singapore Magic” show that will showcase Singapore’s colourful magic heritage from the past, present and future.

From the early British influence to the Chinese immigrants and the homegrown stars of Singapore magic, this is a first-of-its kind locally produced show featuring local magic history. It’s designed for everyone from all ages and walks of life; a reflection of how magic transcends all boundaries.

It will be a visual 30-minute show featuring a cast of talented magicians, and hosted by Ning and yours truly.

The shows will be held at City Square Mall on 20, 21, 27 & 28 July 2013 (Sat & Sun). Show time is about 1.30pm each day except for the 21st which is a 1pm. Admission is free.

I will announce the cast of performers shortly.

Update: Check out photos of the show here.


The second big project is for the Singapore Night Festival. Ning & I have been selected to be the closing highlight of this year’s festival that spans over two weekends in August.

Ning & I have created two mega stunts that will be staged, one a day, on the last two days of the festival, 30 & 31 Aug 2013 (Fri & Sat). 10pm on each day. Both will be staged in front of the historical National Museum to live audiences of thousands. Admission will be free.

The Water Vault and Ultimate Inversion

The mega stunt on 30 Aug is an underwater escape attempt by Ning from “The Water Vault”. This is an original water tank escape where Ning will be chained, shackled, locked and submerged completely underwater in a small solid stainless steel vault that is locked up and wrapped around with heavy duty chains. Ning will be the first female magician in Singapore to attempt anything like this!

The mega stunt on 31 Aug is called “Ultimate Inversion”. This will be the most extreme version of the upside down straitjacket escape ever created.

It will be the world’s first ever tandem upside down double strait jacket escape where Ning & I will both be strapped up in two regulation strait jackets each and suspended upside down by their ankles, one person below the other, from a single burning rope 50ft in the air. Try to picture that for a second! It is a crazy stunt!

More details of the two mega stunts will be announced very shortly.

We are honored that NHB has recognized us as the current faces of magic in Singapore. Our past record of creating innovative mega illusions and stunts that garnered great public and media interest coupled with our international work were key factors of having us close their most important festival of the year.

They originally wanted to work with us last year but we were already booked to appear at Superstars of Magic in Genting, Malaysia during that period.

We hope to showcase a high level of magic once again to the local public & media and continue to push the art forward in this part of the world. These public shows and mega stunts will also be a great opportunity to connect with our local fans and the public again as our last public mega stunt was in Jan 2012 when we read 100 minds in 60 minutes in “The Mind Heist”.

In summary, here are key dates to mark down:

Magical Moments Exhibition

Date: 18 – 28 July 2013
Venue: City Square Mall

Heritage of Singapore Magic Shows

Date: 20, 21, 27 & 28 July 2013 (Sat & Sun)
Show time: 1.30pm each day except 21 July. Showtime on 21 July is 1pm,
Venue: City Square Mall

“The Water Vault” & “Ultimate Inversion” Mega Stunts

Date: 30 & 31 Aug 2013 (Fri & Sat)
Show time: 10pm each day
Venue: National Museum

See you there!


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  2. Mari says:

    Ooooo, I’m trying to imagine what this vault will look like. The first thing that comes up in my mind is one of those safe vaults. I wonder how small is it; enough to be claustrophobic? Gah, why is the end of August so far?!!

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