Sexy Magic & Urban Illusions on Mariner of the Seas in North Asia

JC: 我们是一个魔术组合。 但是我们有一个特长。特长是:我们是全世界上唯一的平等男女魔术组合。

N: 我是魔术师。他是,我的助手!

JC: 美女与野兽。我是美女。

That is an excerpt of our introductory script in our headlining show on the Mariner of the Seas that is currently on its North Asia season covering Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China. Ning & I are currently on the beautiful Jeju Island in Korea chilling out at a coffee joint.

The full 50-minute show that we are staging is presented entirely in Mandarin as the guests are all from China. You may not know it, but for the past two years, we have been presenting our show in either English, Mandarin or bilingually. A great asset for the new breed of international artistes.

The rhythm of the show we present Mandarin is slightly different but nevertheless still effective. Audience participation is critical for this audience and they love interaction with the performers.

The new show that we have currently installed on the ship till Oct 2013 includes several new acts and illusions. The 1300-seat theatre has a large stage with a beautiful proscenium and state of the art facilities.

Besides illusions, escapes and stage magic, I also get to include a close-up set that I created for this show, using three beautiful old French ten-franc coins that I got during our Europe tour last winter.

As a western-influenced & styled illusion show, our presentation is an ideal East-meets-West show that represents the international brand of the cruise line but appeals to the target audience.

I hope to get a couple of shots of our show in the upcoming weeks.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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