Mega Stunts, At Sea & Upcoming Shows

It has been a busy month of planning and preparation for a number of upcoming projects as well as travelling. I have been designing and producing illusions, acts and shows. Budgeting, planning and workflow has been a major part of the projection management that took up a significant amount of my time.

In the last month, we did a couple of “bread & butter” corporate gigs such as Guardian’s Annual Awards event. Ning was also booked to perform performed at the Singapore premiere of the magic-heist movie “Now You See Me”. She presented her Double Strait Jacket Striptease.

It was a great movie by the way, although we had different thoughts for the final act and ending, which could have been better in our humble opinion. But, magic was presented as cool, intelligent and sophisticated which is great for the art. Well worth the fun time!

now you see mePhoto courtesy of FLY Entertainment

The next day, Ning & I, along with almost 750kg of our equipment, loaded up Royal Caribbean’s “Mariner of the Seas” ship. We are headlining throughout the Asia season from now till October, although we are taking 6 weeks off to be in Singapore for a project that we have undertaken. Most of our time will be spent in China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The first show we did in the Savoy Theatre of the Mariner was actually for a four day cruise that saw a large percentage of Singaporeans on board. It was heart-warming that most of the guest knew of us and gave their fullest support during and after the show. We have since performed two more shows before returning from Hong Kong for four days for meetings and rehearsals.

J C Sum Ning Mariner of the Seas

Some of our illusion gear installed on the ship for the season

We fly to Shanghai tomorrow morning and will be back in Singapore in late- July, just in time to stage and host a series of shows that showcase the heritage of magic. More on the details of this great project in the next two weeks.

In Aug, we will be presenting two original mega stunts in front of one of the most iconic historical buildings in the country. I can’t reveal what the mega stunts are but I can say one involves being underwater and the other involves being 50ft in the air. So, two extremes… literally and figuratively. Suffice to say, this will be legitimately, our most dangerous life-threatening mega stunts ever attempted.

Assuming we survive, a day after the second mega stunt, we fly up back to Shanghai to meet back with the Mariner till mid Oct.

As you can see it, it going to be a whirlwind of a couple of months!

list dose

Recently, a website did an article of what they considered the “Top Best 10 Magicians Ever Born on Earth” (so they don’t count those who are aliens). Ning made #4 of the Top Ten List! Isn’t that awesome! I’m so proud of Ning and what she has done as a unique female magician in the world. Her hard work, continued desire to be different and professional standards are paying off!

Last year, we were voted by Magic readers as the “Best Stage/ TV Magician”. We are so honoured that our work is continued to be recognized and appreciated around the world.

Check out the list here.

I’ll post again soon on our upcoming public shows for the “Heritage of Singapore Magic” that has been an absolute pleasure and honour to work on.


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2 Responses to Mega Stunts, At Sea & Upcoming Shows

  1. Mari says:

    Ohhh, an underwater escape! That would definitely push Magic Babe Ning to her limits! I hope it’s comparable to Houdini’s water escapes in the tank.

  2. weston says:

    Ohhh, I’m SO anxious what this water escape will be like!

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