Back in the Illusion Workshop Churning Out New Toys

I just got back into the workshop to begin overseeing the fabrication of four illusion projects that will be featured in various shows this year. While I use the term “illusion projects”, not all are illusions. Two are custom designed apparatus for two mega stunts being planned for later this year. For these two sets of apparatus, I am opting to go with mig aluminum welding for the necessary solid construction. More on these in the weeks to come.

Simultaneously, we are working on two theatrical illusions for our shows. One is our original addition to a known illusion with presentation bits that will make it unique in performance. Music has already been designed for this illusion and all parts fabricated/modified. Rehearsals will start next week into May and we will debut it in June somewhere in North Asia. It will ship to Shanghai along with the rest of our show.

The second illusion is something special and something that we are all very excited over. I took almost two years to design this single illusion and now, it is the prime opportunity to finally start getting it out. It is the first themed piece I’ve designed in a very long time. Custom parts and accessories alone are adding significantly to the cost of the prop but it is these components that make the themed prop authentic.

Due to the complexity of the design, build and performance requirements, the target is to have this stage ready in Dec 2013. That gives us only about half a year to complete it before we can start rehearsals. The good news is that the music has also already been designed for the act.

Look out for more updates on these designs as I will try to document the process as much as I can without giving away any spoilers 🙂


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