Photos from Our Grand Illusion Theatre Show

Ning & I finished our 4-month season as anchor headline entertainers on the Celebrity “Millennium” ship. Our contract allowed us time-off the ship that allowed us to work on our land-based shows and projects.

We headline a Royal Caribbean cruise liner this coming summer and have been invited back to the “Millennium” at the end of the year through Mar 2014. In between all these engagements, we have to work on a major national project in August as well as our TV series project. We also have a few regional corporate launches and international TV appearances that we are scheduling in too.

The show we produced for the “Millennium” is being shipped back to us as I write and the show in its entirety will be restructured with some acts being retired. We will have a new show with new illusions debuting in June 2013 that we have been working on since late last  year.

Here are some performance photos from our show from the “Celebrity Theater”:


One of our signature illusions with an original design, “Crystal Metamorphosis”, that is also performed by a number of illusionists around the world. I dare say, the original still can’t be replicated or topped 🙂



Our original proprietary presentation for a “Teach a Trick” act. Love this shot of Ning… haha!



A poetic piece of magic with the “Enchanted Rope”

spike 1

Sais, spikes and illusion. Always a winning combination!

spike 2

spike 3

spike 4

smash 1

Ning’s psychological presentation of “Smash & Stab” with a victim… spectator.

smash 2

smash 3

shadow 1

“Shadow Mannequin” is an original illusion sequence we developed for this show.

shadow 2

shadow 3


Ning’s “Magic Vogue” with her sexy version of a classic magic act but with coat hangers.


floating table2


SJ 1

Always a crowd favourite. Ning’s “Double Strait Jacket Striptease”. The most unique SJ escape in the world!

SJ 2

SJ 3

SJ 4

SJ 5

360 2 “360 Sawing”. An illusion that has brought us around the world!

360 3 360 4 360 5Thanks for viewing!


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2 Responses to Photos from Our Grand Illusion Theatre Show

  1. Nathan says:

    Fantastic photos guys. Congratulations on the run!

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