MUST SEE! Amazing Street Magic Levitation by Magic Babe Ning

A few weeks ago, Biore issued a challenge to us to see if Ning could perform a stunning piece of street magic with their new sunblock product for females, Biore UV Aqua Rich.

As the product is “invisibly light” after applying it, Biore wanted to see if Ning could do an outdoor levitation of their product in full daylight, in front of a live audience. (It really is light on the skin and Ning has been using the UV cream to great effect when sunning in the open seas on our Celebrity Cruise headline cruise gig.)

Ning rose to the challenge and performed this AMAZING & INCREDIBLE levitation act on the street! Check out the video by clicking the image link below.

Magic Babe Ning Biore UV Aqua Rich

This was taken as one continuous shot, no CGI, no editing or camera trickery that seems to be in fashion today. In fact, we encouraged the by-standers to film Ning’s performance on their mobile devices, which is what has been uploaded.

For this act, we worked out several methods and did several test runs in our studio including filming it from various angles to replicate how different spectators would view the effect. Performing a levitation outdoors during the day is extremely tricky. We also wanted a dynamic levitation (as opposed to a static suspension effect) that would wow people and really throw them off-guard. Using a specified product from a client is also a challenge since  we have no control on the size, weight and look of the item.

While our repertoire in magic & illusion is fairly wide, we have only explored levitation and floating effects on about 4 – 5 different effects, mainly for stage or TV. We explored at least 8 methods to create the illusion and also combined multiple methods together to create the single effect. Eventually, we perfected the right method-mix and worked out the floating sequence.

Ning worked really hard in practicing the effect, adding her own touches and creating the ideal illusion, balancing realism and the imagined fantasy of floating an object in the air. Good job babe! I’m really pleased with how this piece turned out and I think it is one of the best outdoor levitations I’ve seen.

Have you seen a better one?


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2 Responses to MUST SEE! Amazing Street Magic Levitation by Magic Babe Ning

  1. LenM says:

    Nicely done guys with very smooooth transitions…
    Quite often, and in my humble opinion, during a levitation too much time is spent convincing the audience that an object is in fact levitating, by strange movements under and over the body. Here, quite simply the object raises, is shown free from manipulation and levitates. Short, simple, crisp. Nice routine, and very nicely executed.

    • jcsum says:

      Thanks Len! Glad you enjoyed it! We had a great time coming up with this and thankfully the weather was good. It started to pour two hours after we finished!

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