Random Updates, Blackberry Z10, World Record Act & Illusion Plans

In between traveling for our international gigs the last few weeks, we had a short break for Chinese New Year, worked several local shows, held our Magic Boutique sale and have been working on several new exciting projects.

A New Mega Stunt?

One of the projects that we are in talks for is a never-before-been-seen mega stunt that we have designed. Discussions are progressing very well and I’m confident that we will work out details soon.

Our last mega stunt in Singapore that drew lots of media publicity was our “The Mind Heist” stunt where we read 100 minds in 60 minutes. We have something completely different and spectacular planned this year. A world’s first? Of course!

We spent most of 2012 working out of the country and also interacted with many world-class artistes that inspired us to push the envelope even more and develop our brand of magic spectacles further. So, this new stunt will be our most extreme to date. And, I am quite happy with the technical design of the stunt planned.

We are crossing our fingers for positive developments! The mega stunt is slated for the 3rd quarter of 2013.

Ning at Blackberry Z10 Launch

Ning was booked to perform at the recent Blackberry Z10 Launch at the Artscience Museum in Marina Bay Sands. The client wanted Ning to entertain guests as they had hands-on experiences with the Z10 and enjoyed the launch party. I tagged along as a “producer” and got to see Ning work her magic.


90% of the guests knew who she was and people were eagerly hoping that she would stop by their group to perform. For the lucky ones, Ning entertained them with a variety of close-up magic, but chose mainly to work with cards for this event.

IMG_5664Of course, every group wanted to take photos with our very own celebrity magician and FHM cover gal after she performed.


One of the marketing agencies for Blackberry also wanted to film her with the Z10 device as part of a promo reel. So, any free devices for the endorsement?

Magic Babe Ning Blackberry Z10

This March, Ning will be one of the female celebrity bartenders for a Grey Goose UN Charity Drive happening in a club. Check this blog or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jcsum.magicbabening for details soon.

Also, join Ning @magicbabening on Twitter & Instagram for photos of our journey around Asia this season.  

World Record Magic Stage Act

Our new world record magic stage act is about one to two months shy of being stage ready. We have been working hard on this act for more than a year. I had no idea it would take this long! We staged the first version of this new act last Aug 2012 as part of our “The Impossible Challenge” record-setting event. You can read about our record setting act here if you missed it.

I’m personally excited to debut this new act soon as it is a fresh act in our illusion repertoire and I believe audiences will love it.

Illusion Books & Plans

My new “Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition” is still being ordered by magicians across the world. This is my complete tome of work on professional illusions. It includes updated illusions as well as 25% new material not found in my other books.

I think it was a waste (not for me) that it was not picked up at our sale last week as it was priced so low. Too bad! While not inexpensive, I’m happy that professional magicians and serious illusion enthusiasts find the collection value and worthwhile getting. You can check out the full contents HERE.

For magicians not looking to invest in the full collection now, updated pre-packaged plans are available HERE

We leave the country again in a few days for a week out for shows. But, we will be back in the second week of March to perform at the gala dinner for a financial world congress at Marina Bay Sands. Cya soon!


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