Magic Boutique SSSale Coming up on 23 Feb 2013 Sat

Ning’s Magic Boutique will be holding a SSSale on the 23 Feb Saturday. Besides all the Magic Boutique products going at a super low price, don’t miss discounts on all my illusion books, DVDs and lecture items. I will also be on site during the sale to demonstrate some original material!

Material include an original ACAAN that was presented during our Europe lecture tour last year. It will essentially be the first release of this effect in Singapore. You won’t want to miss out on this!


Here is a list of some of the illusions and major props that will be on sale and are also on -pre sale now:

  • JAM Illusion with ATA Case (Illusions by Your Design) – S$2000
  • Simplex Head Chopper with Custom finishing Custom ATA Case with Pull Handle & Corner Castors (George Richbark) – S$950
  • Blammo Illusion with Fiber Case (Chalet) – S$2000
  • Mikame Chest Production – S$180
  • Slicing Through Illusion (Walking through Broken Bottles as described in Urban Illusions) – S$600
  • Flash Appearance with Electronic Flash Ignitors (Packs Flat) – S$800
  • Black Art Case Table (as described in Illusionary Departures) – S$700
  • 6 Inches (Steel Penetration Illusion as described in Urban Illusions) – S$400 ON HOLD
  • Dagger Head Chest with Tripod Base + ATA Case (Mak Magic) – S$200 SOLD
  • Chair Suspension (Mak Magic) – S$300
  • Platform Levitation with 2 x ATA Cases – S$6000
  • Ring in Nested Boxes (Davenports – Collector’s Item) – S$200
  • Disarmed (Mak Magic) – S$80
  • Glass Breaking Table with table base (Old Model Bazar De Magia) – S$90
  • Sword Through Neck (Dante – Collector’s Item) – S$600 (Original US$1200) SOLD
  • Sword Through Body (Murray/ Nielsen Magic – Collector’s Item) S$600 (Original US$1500)
  • Sword Through Neck (Gladiator Broad Sword) – S$250 SOLD
  • Bending Mirror (Sterlini Stage Size) = S$200 SOLD

*Note: Prices are only for purchase in Singapore only before and during the sale. No shipping of props. Self Collection has to be arranged.

Mark your calendar down for the 23 Feb!


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