J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on Europe TV

Ning & I had the privilege of being seen on European TV just weeks apart from each other. On New Year’s Eve, we were featured on the world-famous “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde” in Paris. This is the second time to be on the show and we are honoured to be the only Singapore artistes to ever be booked for the show.

The filming was at the tail end of our 21-city Europe lecture tour and we drove in from Bonn, Germany to Paris the night before and got just a few hours of sleep before the taping of the show. It was tiring but I think we pulled off a decent performance considering the schedule. Adeline met us in France, directly from Singapore and made sure our equipment was shipped to us too!

Click the image below to watch the video:

Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde

Just last week, we were also seen on Italian TV for a major prime time television show. Watch us perform, what I consider the best version of our “360 Sawing” presentation on TV. Click the image below to watch the video.

Italy TV


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