Behind the Scenes At Magic Babe’s Sexiest Photo Shoot for FHM

So, we have been away for a grand six weeks. Five of those weeks was spent on a hugely successful Europe lecture tour that saw us travel 9500km to 25 cities in 5 countries. We shared our magic with almost 1000 European magicians and showcased our original brand of magic in 21 lectures cum mini shows. Of course, we found time for some rest and recreation and visited many historic destinations in between. Look forward to a complete tour run down shortly!

While in Europe, we were also booked for a return appearance on world-famous television show, “Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde”. We performed our unique combination of two illusions in a single act. The episode will air on European TV on 31 Dec 2012 to an expected viewership of 40 million people.

We flew back from Paris and reached Singapore at 10am. Believe it or not, we had only a few hours to change our luggage and headed over to the Marina Bay Cruise Centre. We boarded Celebrity Cruises “Millennium” where we were booked as headline artistes. We were on the ship for a week and disembarked at Vietnam to fly back to Singapore. More on this gig later.

One day later, Ning was scheduled for her second cover shoot for FHM, Singapore’s best-selling men’s magazine. As you can read, we have had a back to back international schedule but I thought before we got to details of our “real” work, you would probably be more interested in Ning’s photoshoot. So, what goes on for the prep for a FHM photoshoot?

Well, Ning woke up at 6am and was in the gym for 45 minutes to energize herself for the morning shoot. She had a breakfast of chicken breast, an apple and juice, then headed to the beautiful W Hotel at Sentosa Cove, the venue of the shoot.

Two rooms were made available for the shoot. One standard room for make-up and preparations. The main room for the shoot was a double-room suite. Joel Low was the photographer for the shoot; someone who has shot both of us on multiple occasions over the years. He also shot our most recent promo photos.

JC Ning 2012Ning was really happy to have Joel shoot her due to his experience in shooting top celebrities and she was comfortable with someone who she has worked with many times before and trusts his excellent eye for a good shot.

The issue that Ning appears on the cover is the Feb 2013 issue, Valentine’s Day Edition.  The theme of the shoot was a sensual one with light S & M theme, hence the array of leather items, gauntlets, belts, skirts and whips. The stylist had also picked up a wide collection of lingerie and corsets.

FHM Photoshoot

FHM Photoshoot

If you know, Ning currently sports an undercut shave on the left side of her head. Her previous cover saw her with long hair so she wanted a different look for this cover. However, after a few test shots, it was deemed a bit too strong for local tastes so her hair was restyled and the undercut shave will not be seen in any of the shots in the magazine. Heh. Guess it is back to long hair?

This shoot had a surprisingly large turnout of people. Besides the photographer and his team, you had the art director, hair & make-up team, FHM marketing person, writer, editor, two-person production team from XinMSN to cover the shoot as well as our artiste manager from FLY Entertainment. It seemed more like a movie set than a photo shoot. So,  even though you can’t see behind the camera, there was a roomful of people at this shoot, more than any other we have had!

There were a total of 4 – 5 outfits needed as well as about 5 shots needed for her 6-page layout and cover. The room was small but the creative team used different parts of it to create different settings for the closed door shoot.

Shots were taken in an eggshell chair, the bathtub, the bed and floor. The actual shots look really good but as you can see from these few amateur behind the scenes shots, Ning looks absolutely stunning. She wanted this to be an even sexier shoot than her previous cover. I think she got her wish and it is the sexiest shoot she has ever done.

Magic Babe Ning Sexy
Magic Babe Ning Sexy Magic Babe Ning Sexy Magic Babe Ning Sexy Magic Babe Ning Sexy Magic Babe Ning hotMagic Babe Ning Sexy Magic Babe Ning SexyAfter the shoot, Ning did two interviews. One for XinMSN and one for FHM itself.

Magic Babe Ning Interview

Look out for the Feb issue of FHM 2013 when it goes on sale on 16 Jan 2013. Magic Boutique will be making limited autographed copies available for all of Ning’s overseas friends and fans.


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