3 Sides of Magic Europe Tour Schedule

Our 3 Sides of Magic Europe Tour is less than 2 weeks away and we have been hard at work prepping not just for the tour but a TV taping and other shows taking place around the same time.

We are pleased to release our Europe tour schedule. There are still a few dates unconfirmed and this will be updated soon.

In this lecture, we will share choice secrets in close-up, mentalism and stage magic. We will also hold discussions on designing and performing grand illusions based on their experience of performing around the world.

Our current lecture tour dates are as follows:

5 Nov 2012, Mon
Rauxel, Germany
Hafenrestaurant Datteln, Hafenstraße 129, 45711 Datteln
Time: 8pm

7 Nov 2012, Wed
Velden, Netherlands
Dynamite Magic Shop, Rijksweg 119, 5941 AC Velden
Time: 8pm

9 Nov 2012, Fri
Mulhouse, France
Lecture: Foyer de la Ruche a Riedisheim
Time: 8.30pm

10 Nov 2012, Sat
Nancy, France
Centre Intercommunal de Laxou et Maxeville
Time: 2pm

12 Nov 2012, Mon
Reims, France
Time: 8pm

13 Nov 2012, Tues
Lille, France
“Labyrinthe” 80 rue d’Halluin, 59960 Neuville en ferrain
Time: 8pm

14 Nov 2012, Wed
Anvers, Belgium (6h)
Fevaca Inn, Victor Dumonlaan, 6, 2830 Willebroek
Time: 8.30pm

15 Nov 2012, Thur
Poitiers, France
Rond Point Rocade”, rue de la Grange Saint Pierre – 86000 POITIERS
Time: 7pm

17 Nov 2012, Sat
Lorient, France
Time: 2pm

19 Nov 2012, Mon
Clermont Ferrand, France
Hotel Oceania

20 Nov 2012, Tues
St Etienne, France
Rue Paul Ronin 42100 St Etienne
Time: 8pm

21 Nov 2012, Wed
Grenoble, France
Hotel de l’Europe, 22, Place Grenette, 38000 Grenoble
Time: 8.30pm

22 Nov 2012, Thur
Nimes, France
Time: 8pm

23 Nov 2012, Fri
Toulon, France
Time: 8pm

26 Nov 2012. Mon
Bordeaux, France
Time: 8pm

27 Nov 2012, Tues
Dijon, France

29 Nov 2012, Thur
Geneve, Swisstzerland
3 rue des Minoteries à Genève
Time: 8pm

30 Nov 2012, Fri
Zurich, Swiss
Zauberschule Zürich, Rieterstr. 102, 8002 Zürich
Time: 8pm

3 Dec 2012, Mon
Dusseldorf, Germany
Zauberschule Düsseldorf, Volmerswerther Str. 86, 40221 Düsseldorf

4 Dec 2012, Tues
Bonn, Germany
Anno Tubac, Kölnstraße 47, 53111 Bonn
Time: 8pm

7 Dec 2012, Fri
Paris, France
Lecture: Salle Fraternelle, 37, rue Tournefort 75005
Time: 8pm

More date and details will be added shortly.

To book a set at the lecture, contact us to put you in touch with the organizer for that particular city/ country.

Here is a message to all our European magic participants:

Thanks to Hertz for being our exclusive partner for this lecture and providing us with a car for our 35 day road trip. I’m sure we are going to have a fabulous time driving throughout Europe and will document our journey as it unfolds!


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