New Illusion Plans

Hey 🙂 I have released two more digital illusion plans.

Plans #14 – Classic Sub Trunk. In this brand new set, I detail my design/ build method for a “classic” Sub Trunk but built in ATA style. As per all my plans, I detail all dimensions, build instructions, materials and performance presentation. In the case of these plans, I also share a solid and pack flat version.

Click HERE to order.

Plans #15 – Box Jumpers 2. In these plans, I share 3 “girl in box” type illusions:

  • Multi-vide (Soon to be published in Equilateral 3)
  • Wall 2 Wall (from Equilateral)
  • Dekolta’s Dilemma (from Urban Illusions)

Click HERE to order.

All the details and my other 13 illusion plans can be found at:

In case you did not know, the illusion plans contain more than 50 illusions in 15 different plans. The illusions come from my various illusion books and the plans are a great economical way to get the plans to specific illusions that you are interested in.

However, if you want true value of money, my latest edition of the “Ultimate Illusion Collection: The Vault Edition” is the way to go. It contains all my professional illusion designs as well as many unpublished ones. This is a hefty 2-volume hard copy book and you can order it here.


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