Introducing the The Pentad Mahogany “Heaven & Earth” Cups

In the midst of our performing work, Ning, Adeline & I have been secretly working on this pet project for the international magic community.

Are you ready?

We designed and created a set of wooden cups for the magician’s “Cups & Balls” routine.

This set of beautiful cups were originally created for our “Twin Cups” routine presented in ouir “3 Sides of Magic” world lecture tour. The “Twin Cups” require a special combination set of cups that is not widely available. To make our presentation of the Cups & Balls even more unique, we designed a set of wooden cups for the routine, moving away from the traditional metal cups.

Ning & I designed the cups’ design and I named it “The Pentad Mahogany Cups”, after our “Pentad Playing Cards”. But, Ning christened the different finishes “Heaven & Earth” – a very elegant and zen-like touch.

The Pentad Mahogany “Heaven & Earth” Cups are a set of custom created wood cups for the modern “Cups & Balls” performer or collector looking for a unique set of props that exudes a touch of class and sophistication.

The cups are hand-turned, one cup at a time, from a single block of pure mahogany by master wood craftsmen. The beautiful cups have a distinct three-beaded ring design and two-tone color scheme that come in a “heaven” (light ginger brown) or “earth” (dark brown) stained finish.

Much testing and prototyping was done to create the perfect sized cups with the right weight and colour stains. Quantities are extremely limited (less than half a dozen sets at a time) and new stock arrives periodically based on the completion of the cups. Each cup takes about 2 months to complete from start to finish.

The cups have a good weight for wood cups and the walls are thick, making the cups hardy and durable.

Cups Specifications:

  • External Height: 88 cm
  • Internal Height: 57 mm
  • External Mouth Diameter: 88 mm
  • Internal Mouth Diameter: 77 mm
  • Saddle Diameter (Top of Cup): 50 mm
  • Depth in Center of Saddle: 5 mm
  • Weight (Regular & Chop Cups): 90 gm

Other Notes:

  • The “attic” space in between two nested cups allow for three 1″ balls to be nested together.
  • The cup can take a final load that measures 2.5″ in diameter (tennis ball-sized).

The Pentad Mahogany Cups come in two finishes:

  • “Heaven” (light-stained) Cups
  • “Earth” (dark stained) Cups

Heaven (Light-stained) Cups

The main body of the cups are ginger brown but the rings & bottom rim of the cups are stained dark brown. The cups are finished in a medium glossy finish.

Earth (Dark-stained) Cups

The main body of the cups are dark brown but the rings & bottom rim of the cups are stained black. The cups are finished in a medium glossy finish.

Note: As the cups are hand-made one by one, the finish follows the natural grain of the wood. So, no two cups are identical like CNC-machined metal cups. However, strict quality control measures are place to ensure that the finishing of cups with a specific ordered set are near-identical matches to each other.

The cups are available in Standard Sets, Combo Set, Single, Chop Cup and our “Twin Cups” set. Each set comes with a black satin drawstring bag.

To complement our cups, we also created the “Pentad Mahogany” Wand. This high quality three-tone wood wand is hand-made from solid mahogany and measures 14″ long x 1/2″ in diameter. It is designed to match the “Pentad Mahogany” Cups and wood tips ensure your cups (metal or wood) will not dent when tapped with this wand. Each end of the wand tips are finished with a concave dimple that adds to the elegant design of the wand.

The handsome wand has an excellent balance and is great for wand spins and ball/ wand vanishes. They are also available in “Heaven” or “Earth” finishes:

Pre-orders can now be made. Orders will be shipped by 19 Oct 2012. After our pre-order quota is filled, we have to stop taking orders to ensure that our supply can meet the demand.

If you are interested, hurry over to view the detailed product listing and place your order at


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