Filming in Tokyo, Japan for ItteQ!

If you read my previous entry here, you knew that we filmed for a couple of days for a Japanese variety TV show in Singapore. The show entitled “Itte-Q!” is one of the most popular variety shows in Japan and our episode just aired on 30 Sep 2012 to a reported 20 million viewers.

This past week, immediately after I worked a gig for the Standard Chartered VIP hospitality suite in the Singapore Grand Prix F1 event, I was driven to the airport where I met Ning and Adeline to catch the plan to Tokyo. We were being flown in to film the in-studio segment of the episode. This last segment saw us rehearsing with the celebrities as well as taking the stage.

We “re-united” with the celebrities, Degawa and Lady Dewi Sukarno, as well as the production team working on our episode. Besides rehearsing with the celebrities who performed magic & illusions on the show, we also consulted on several aspects of the production and worked with the crew to make the taping smooth.

Ning in the rehearsal room with Lady Dewi, teaching her some magic

In the TV studio

We had a blast time working on this TV show. The production crew was so professional and Japanese hospitality is the best! While we have worked on many TV shows around the world, this was one of our best experiences.

We only worked for two days and had another 1 1/2 days to play! We managed to squeeze in lots of shopping in Shinjuku, Roppongi and Harajuku. Lots of cool stuff for the show too!

Photos courtesy of Adeline!

Join Ning on Twitter and Instagram (@magicbabening) to view more photos of the sights, views and food of Tokyo.


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2 Responses to Filming in Tokyo, Japan for ItteQ!

  1. Andy Amyx says:

    I am sure you guys did a killer job!!!!!!!!! I can not wait to see it!! I hope to see you guys soon!!

    Andy Amyx

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