Filming for Japan TV Show

We just returned from Genting, Malaysia for “Superstars of Magic” after 3 weeks. Look out for my entry on that as well as footage from our performance. We had a great run with the excellent cast & crew and received lots of media attention, especially with Ning’s “Extreme Inversion” mega stunt that she did a month earlier.

Just before we headed to Genting, we had 3 full days of filming for a Japanese prime time TV show, ItteQ! This show features local Japanese celebrities visiting different countries exploring their sites, cultures and entertainment in respective countries. The producers of the show chose us to represent Singapore and showcase our country’s talent.

As some of our illusions have been shipped to Genting, Malaysia for “Superstars of Magic”, so we chose a number of illusions to be featured on the show.

We had a chance to showcase some of our acts including “Crystal Appearance”, “Spike Box” and Ning’s “Double Straight Jacket Striptease”. As our original “Crystal Metamorphosis” is in Genting, we presented a traditional “Sub Trunk” that I designed as an ATA case. However, it does incorporate original design elements from “Crystal Metamorphosis” to make the exchange fast.

We also had fun performing some “Street Magic” as well as interacted with the two Japanese celebrities, Dewi Sukarno and comedian Degawa Tetsurō. They also showed us some magic that they had practiced too!

The format of the show also sees us teaching the celebrities some magic and large scale illusions. They  are hilarious and fast learners. They learned the techniques and almost immediately put thought into how to present the effects in their own way.

Magicians could really learn a thing or two about making a magic effect entertaining to an audience from them. They are so experienced in entertaining “real” audiences so know what works. They instinctively know what and how to present a magic effect, going beyond the methodology and technique of the effect. Sure, they do not have the subtle psychological points that makes an effect layered and sophisticated but they understand the essence of an effect and know how to play it up. Magicians tend to focus on technique and execution and many times forget about personality and commercial entertainment value.

We designed more than half a dozen effects to learn and perform.  From cutting & restoring a rope, turning wine into a confetti snowstorm and even two large-scale illusions, they managed to learn the effects. No mean feat! They also coaxed us into letting them try Ning’s “Double Straight Jacket Escape”. Neither of them could make the escape and have a new found respect for Ning’s skillful and sexy performance. She makes it look easy!

The production crew from Japan

Ning with the two Japanese celebrities

It has been a joy to work with the professional production team from Japan as well as the local coordination team.

We wrapped up filming in Singapore but in two weeks, we will head to Tokyo to complete filming in the Japan TV studio. Having visited a number of cities in Japan in July, we are looking forward to the trip!


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