A World Record Set – 50 Magical Productions in 5 Minutes!

It is official! Ning & I set our 3rd world magic record this evening! “The Impossible Challenge” saw us perform “50 Magical Productions in 5 Minutes”. Performed in front of a VIP audience of about 500 people as the closing highlight of the Singapore Showcase event at Meritus Mandarin Orchard in Singapore on 10 Aug 2012!

The inaugural Singapore Showcase brought together some of the nation’s brands and celebrities in an evening that celebrated their role in spreading the value of the made-in-Singapore badge internationally. It also served as a platform to raise funds that will benefit four Singapore-based charities that are helping international communities find their place in a rapidly changing world.

We were booked to create an original act that would be a exciting highlight for the Singapore Showcase event. Originally, we had created a new spectacular escape act but pyrotechnic restrictions from the hotel prevented us from staging the stunt we wanted.

So, we went back to the drawing board and came up with a new record attempt. We hold two other records for “performing 15 illusions in 5 minutes” and “reading 100 minds in 60 minutes”. So, we thought of going for a three-peak and attempt a 3rd record.

We knew it had to be different from the other two and had to be fast paced, exciting and visual for the event. So, we came up with “The Impossible Challenge”.

Part of the challenge was designing the act to fit the event venue. Originally, we wanted to end the act with a magical appearance of a car or motorcycle but logistics would not allow us to do such large-scale illusions. We came up with this ending that maintains the focus on us and has a nice circular conclusion to the entire act.

“The Impossible Challenge” was divided into three theatrical acts but were performed as one continuous seamless performance. The goal was to execute all 50 magical productions in 5 minutes.

The first act saw us perform an abbreviated version of our new “Colour Explosion” act, also named “the most badass silk act on the planet”!

We have several elements that make such an act unique and in it we produced a flurry of colorful silk scarves, streamers, “snowstorm” and flags. This fast-paced visual feast was performed to a heart-thumping dramatic soundtrack. We accomplished 14 individual magical productions in this first act.

Act two saw us slow the pace down just a tiny bit with a wine/ drink themed act. We produced coins that were dropped into a steel wine bucket, produced boxes of money and made a tableful of wine bottles appear out of nowhere. We made 21 magical productions in this act.

In the finale act, we produced a variety of colorful items, including fans, clocks and parasols, from an empty crystal box.

As a twist, Ning vanished in the box. However, she made an almost-instant magical reappearance with 3 seconds to spare! The magical production of Ning brought the total number of productions to a perfect 50.

We received a huge ovation after the act and were subsequently presented the official record certificate by the President of the Singapore Books of Records, Mr Ong Eng Huat.

Thanks to the Singapore Book of Records and the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 for adjudicating the record attempt.

Will we try for a fourth record? I’m not sure…

With the man himself, Kannan Chandran, the person behind Singapore Showcase.


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