The Impossible Challenge World Record Attempt

We will soon be heading back to Genting for “Superstars of Magic”.

We have a truckload of illusions being brought up for the show consisting of 5 relatively large ATA flight cases. I will not spoil the surprise here as we have a unique combination of illusions put together for this show.

But, before heading to Genting, we will be doing something interesting in Singapore the day after National Day. We will be attempting to set our 3rd world magic record. This time, we are going to try to perform “50 Magical Productions in 5 Minutes”. This will be in conjunction with the Singapore Showcase charity event.

The record attempt will be adjudicated once again by the Singapore Book of Records and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Aptly named, “The Impossible Challenge”, the difficulty in this record is obviously executing the productions perfectly with speed in the required time but just as importantly is the artistic performance of the entire act. Variety, clarity and a dramatic build with a twist have been planned to make the performance both entertaining and eventful.

It took us a couple weeks to plan the entire act down to the second and I think it will be a novel presentation of magic.

Here is the criteria for the world record attempt:

  • A magical production is considered a magical appearance of an item(s) or person(s) that was not present before.
  • Any single item produced individually is considered and counted as a single production. E.g. A single playing card, a single silk, a single coin, a single bottle etc.
  • A group of items produced collectively at the same time is considered and counted as a single production. E.g. A fan of cards, a shower of coins, a confetti snowstorm, a fountain of silks.

The first part of “The Impossible Challenge” is a new act that we have been working on for some time. We started gathering items we needed earlier this year but only started the main production two months ago. Adeline has been fantastic putting together the custom apparatus we need while we have been at sea. I designed parts of the props we need before we left but tweaked them along the way for modifications. Hooray for wifi!

We had been rehearsing parts of the act on the ship but will only get to start intensive rehearsals of the entire act now that we are back in Singapore.


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