Back from the High Seas

We have been headlining on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Liners’ “Legends of the Sea” the past five weeks and had a fabulous time. Wifi was limited so I have not been able to update the blog as all available Wifi time was used settling work related issues and upcoming projects.

I’ve actually rejected cruise work my entire career but this time we had a 5-week window in our schedule and after rejecting the contract twice previously, we agreed to take on the engagement. For one, our terms were met and we got guest headliner status, but I also came to a point in my career where I was prepared to try something new. Our brand is also strong enough on land for us to be away for a few weeks.

So, far, I’ve been lucky to explore almost every possible performing opportunity for a magic artiste. TV, live shows in theatre, showrooms, entertainment venues, corporate & special events, mega illusions and stunts, but the only thing I had never done was headline a cruise so I decided it was time. I convinced Ning, who loves to travel, that we should try it out and showcase our art to a different international audience.

We presented a full 45-minute illusion show that included many of our favourite illusions such as “Crystal Metamorphosis”, “Spike Box” and “360 Sawing”. We also debuted new acts like our “Cocktail of Illusion” and “Teach a Trick” act.

Ning did a fantastic job holding her own and showing why she is one of the top female magicians in the world by performing her solo signature acts like Ning’s “Double Straight Jacket Striptease” and a new version of her “Magic Vogue” AKA “Linking Coat Hangers”.

The production team and crew were highly professional, competent and just great to work with. They mentioned that they were excited when they loaded in our gear that had to be craned onto the ship. They said our gear was the largest that had ever been loaded on this ship.

Besides work, we had a great time at the ports of call, visiting historical sites, eating local cuisine and catching the rays of the sun!

Visiting shrines in Nagasaki.

At the hypo-center where the second Atomic Bomb exploded in Nagasaki.

Udo Shrine in a seaside cave in Miyasaki

Famous roasted duck in Beijing

In front of the active volcano in Kagoshima

Ramen in Fukuoka

We look forward to work another Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner in future but first, off the success of this short stint on “Legends of the Sea”, we have been booked on Celebrity Cruises’ “Millennium”, from the end of the year through the first quarter of 2013. We will have several new acts and illusions planned for this engagement as we will be keeping on set of equipment on the ship for over 3 months a having a completely different show on land for other international shows.


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