Magic Babe Performs Extreme Inverted Double Straight Jacket Escape

The “Extreme Inversion” mega stunt was a huge success!

I’m happy and tremendously proud to say that Ning successfully became the first woman in the world to perform an inverted DOUBLE Straight Jacket Escape from a burning rope high up in the air!

Way to go girl! I can’t think of another female magician in modern times that combines her spunk, skills and sex appeal in one complete package.

We were so excited to bring our brand of mega stunts overseas and enthrall the local media. This mega stunt served as the grand launch of the Genting International Magic Festival that features “Superstars of Magic 2”. We are one of the international performers in this production show produced and directed by Malaysia’s own superstar mentalist and magic show producer, David Lai.

Here are some behind the scenes happenings of the mega stunt.

On the first evening of set-up, upon examining the rigging from the boom crane’s cable to lifting hook, we felt double shackles were needed and also discovered that the spring safety cap of the hook was damaged and did not serve its safety purpose. Genting’s operation team made the calls for the repair work to be done but it could only be done the next morning as parts had to be ordered.

We proceeded to have Ning rehearse the technical aspects of escaping from two straight jackets as this was actually the first time she has attempted the escape upside down. Any magician who has performed the straight jacket escape knows that attempting it upside down is harder because you are disoriented. Add in another jacket layered over the first jacket and it makes things twice as hard… literally.

While we suspended Ning, we kept her low, just inches above the stage so that she could get a sense of being upside down and escaping from two jackets. We would not risk raising her to full height until the crane hook up was fixed. Ning skillfully escaped her jackets even though it was the first time doing it. After trying it for a second time and briefing the production staff, we wrapped up on site and headed back to our rooms to design the music.

The next morning, we headed back to the stunt site and were happy to learn that everything had been rectified and fixed. We then proceeded to secure our rigging system to the crane’s hook for tehnical rehearsals. Ning strapped on her full body harness along with a safety line. After being strapped up in the two straight jackets, she was inverted and hoisted up 35ft in the high. From my perspective, I can tell you that it seems really high! She performed the escape with little issues and after several more run throughs with sound and music, we took a break, preparing for the real thing.

For the actual stunt, Ning removed the full body harness and we actually set the 2″ Manila rope on fire. During rehearsals with a dummy weight, the rope took approximately 3.5min to 4min to burn through. So, Ning had about 3 minutes to make her escape and be safely lowered down.

Here are scenes from our 10th mega stunt and Ning’s 3rd mega escape.

About 50 media representatives turned up to cover the stunt which also served as the grand launch for the Genting International Magic Festival (that features us in the main international show). Also present was Datuk Anthony Yeo, Head of PR, and the Singapore High Commissioner, Mr Ong Keng Yong. A few hundred onlookers also stopped to watch the spectacle. Another few hundred watched the stunt from hotel windows, the giant LCD screen next to the stage and on LCD screens broadcast through the Genting resort.

Great shot of us reflecting moments before taking the stage for the stunt.

Ning making her escape up 35ft in the air!

‘Magic Babe’ does it!

After the stunt, we were on a panel for the press conference with the media that included producer David Lai, Kevin Tann. AVP of Genting and ourselves. The media fielded questions regarding the stunt and upcoming “Superstars of Magic” that takes place in Aug and Sep. After the press conference, we had several TV interviews and took photos for different news outlets.

Incidentally, Ning & I have broken new ground again by being the first Asian magicians to perform in an international show in Genting. Genting has always featured an international magic production as far as I can remember but they have not featured any Asian acts till now. So, we are thankful they recognize our value and are willing to break traditional. Thanks too to David for supporting us and believing in our brand and show.

Interviews and answering questions from the press.

Posing for photos in front of our poster that can be seen throughout Genting!

Promos ran throughout Resorts World Genting

The stunt also made news in major newspapers and media before it happened and more is expected now that it has been done! Here are online versions of the country’s largest newspapers.

Read the article here.

Read the article here.

Update: Read more media features on the stunt here

Tomorrow, we fly to Beijing to link up with Royal Caribbean’s “Legends of the Sea” where we are headlining over a 5 week period, with multiple stops through north Asia including Japan and Korea.

Disclaimer: Once again I stress that this blog entry should not be used as a reference or guide to do legitimately dangerous escapes of this nature. Ning and I are skilled & experienced professionals using professional designed and fabricated equipment. We are also supported by a full professional technical support and fire safety team. Do not try this at home or anywhere else.


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