Creating the Extreme DOUBLE Straight Jacket Escape

Creating any kind of mega stunt that will appeal to the mass public and appeal is difficult. We are lucky enough to have created 9 successful stunts that caught the eye of our regional media as well as the international magic community.

Two key elements to make any stunt successful is uniqueness and buzz factor. While most stunts are not 100% original (most things in today’s world are hardly 100% original since everything is built on previous ideas), there must be one or two original elements that make the stunt fresh and new. It is this sense of “difference” that evokes interest and creates talk, especially amongst jaded media who have “seen it all”.

Each of our “mega stunts” had original elements that made it different than anything done before in the world, such as:

The Impossible Teleportation – a street to 50-storey teleportation performed live, surrounded and real time in front of 9000 people. The concept, stringent conditions and technical method made this new in the world and in magic.

The Impossible Journey – teleporting 3 laymen across a river had never been done before.

The Impossible 4D Prediction – While the lottery prediction is not original, the inclusion of an actual lottery ticket with the prediction, sealed one week before hand, as well as the overall concluding presentation made it unique.

The Mind Heist – Reading 100 minds in 60 minutes as a world record was a novel and first of its kind feat.

With the upside down straight jacket escape (thanks to Houdini), it has been performed hundreds of times over the last 80 years in various forms. But, if you add in a burning rope and a great height, the number of people who have performed this dangerous variation is far less.

The number of people performing the DOUBLE straight jacket upside down is even lower – down to the single digits.

The number of females who have performed the DOUBLE straight jacket upside down from a great height suspended from a burning rope, in front of a live audience – Zero. (As far as public records have shown)

Traditionally, men have always performed these dangerous extreme feats. However, the patriarchal society we live in expect men to be able to take on and accomplish these feats. Only a small handful of daring trailblazing females in history have taken on the same dangerous stunts that their male counterparts have attempted. That is why this stunt is unique. Having a hot Asian female magician who is also a FHM cover girl dangle from her ankles 30ft in the air with two straight jackets layered over her is different.

When we were approached for this particular project, we had several options in mind for a big mega stunt. However, the top of our list was Ning’s DOUBLE SJ upside down escape. She has been working on her new double straight jacket “striptease” for our live shows since late last year. She has performed it in several countries to date and it is a legitimately difficult escape simply because she has to escape from the confines of two jackets, one after the other. She has encountered difficulty before because of the changes in performing conditions due to high humidity and heat from stage lights that are too near the stage. But, as artistes who are always pushing ourselves, we believe the extreme version of this escape would be a good opportunity to test ourselves and keep us on our toes.

We have experience with upside down rigging having done it twice before. Once for Ning’s “Inversion” stunt and once for my upside down straight jacket escape from a burning rope for TV.

Each escape artist has his/ her own rigging system. Our rigging has evolved over the two stunts. I designed our rigging system to be more stable, reduce spinning and be more balanced. The parts are welded up and all rigging connectors are certified components used in the marine industry. Connectors are locked tight with hand tools and further secured with steel cable. All connection points and components take at least one tonne of weight giving us a safety of almost 10 times.

Disclaimer: No reader should take this as instruction or guidelines to perform this legitimately dangerous stunt.

This will be the highest that Ning will be going for any stunt we have tried so her safety is the most important. We will also be in Genting, literally up a mountain so air will be cooler winds might potentially be strong.

While everything is designed to be extremely safe, any stunt of any kind is still risky. Equipment failure, nature forces, unforeseen human error can lead to disastrous results. Wish us luck and look out for the good news!


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1 Response to Creating the Extreme DOUBLE Straight Jacket Escape

  1. puyopop says:

    The fire will REALLY be burning through the rope, right? It’s not one of those gimmicked burning ropes that burn through “at a nick of time”?

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