10th Mega Stunt in Genting and Headlining Royal Caribbean Cruiseline’s “Legend of the Seas”

My lack of blogging entries is due to the fact that we have been traveling non-stop and preparing for subsequent projects during the days we are back in the studio.

We have been out virtually every week since mid April and will soon be gone for longer stretches. One exciting bit of news is that we will be staging our 10th Mega Stunt on 27 Jun 2012 in Genting, Malaysia. This will be in conjunction with the official media press conference for “Superstars of Magic 2”. More on that show later.

Ning will make history by being the first female illusionist in the world to attempt an upside down escape from TWO strait jackets while suspended from a burning rope 30-feet above the ground. This will be an “EXTREME Upside Down DOUBLE Strait Jacket Escape”!

Members of the audience and media will first examine the two regulation straits jackets used in the stunt. Next, after Ning is tightly strapped up in the strait jackets, one over the other, a crane will hoist her upside down, by her ankles, 30ft up in the air. To make things even more difficult, the 1″ thick Manila-rope used to suspend her from the crane will be lit on fire. Ning will have less than 2 minutes to escape from both strait jackets before the rope burns through.

This will be our 10th mega stunt staged since 2007. From teleportation to vanish to lottery predictions, each of our stunts and illusions have been high profile magic events that garnered much media coverage. 2 of those mega events have been mega escapes – all performed by Ning. (I just think of all the dangerous stuff that can be done and let Ning actually perform the stunt. Girl power!)

In 2008, Ning did an incredible full-view escape from a cage of spikes in front of 3000 people.

In 2009, she did an upside down strait jacket escape above a bed of spikes without any safety cables.

In 2011, while not considered one of our mega stunts (as it was not a high profile live event), I performed an upside down strait jacket escape, suspended from a burning rope. This was a TV special.

In this new mega stunt, Ning is going more extreme by attempting the DOUBLE strait jacket escape, upside down from the burning rope. Very few magicians in the world have ever performed the double strait jacket escape. No woman has ever done it upside down from a burning rope 30 feet above the ground. The event is open to the public and will take place on 27 Jun 2012 at 3.30pm outside the Maxims Hotel.

Be part of this historic event!

The day after this new mega stunt, Ning & I will travel up to North Asia to headlining the Royal Caribbean Cruiseline’s “Legends of the Sea” for the month of July 2012. The ship will be taking the North Asia routine, stopping by China, Japan and Korea. We will be the headline show in the main theatre where we will stage a 45 minute illusion show. Our props have already shipped ahead of us to Busan, Korea. Look out for tales of our travels soon!

A few days after we get back from our short tint at sea, Ning & I with Ade will head up to Genting, Malaysia for the “Superstars of Magic” show that runs for 3 weeks. Book your tickets now as several shows have already sold out!


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2 Responses to 10th Mega Stunt in Genting and Headlining Royal Caribbean Cruiseline’s “Legend of the Seas”

  1. puyopop says:

    “(I just think of all the dangerous stuff that can be done and let Ning actually perform the stunt. Girl power!)”

    I’m surprised not many females utilize that idea especially in the West. It’s the epitome of watching a real-life action girl, able to escape through any confinement!

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