International Magic Extravaganza, Subang Parade, KL, Malaysia June 2012

Ning & I will be the closing act on 9 Jun 2012 at the International Magic Extravaganza at Subang Parade in KL, Malaysia. While we have performed in Malaysia many times before, believe it or not, this will be our first public performance in Malaysia.

We will be doing a small-scale act with some small illusions and Ning will be performing her new “Double Straight Jacket Escape” act.

This three-day magic festival is in its 6th year running and is the brainchild of Malaysian magician Vincent Tan. I first met Vincent in 2006 where I made a guest appearance in one of his shows.

Our schedule has not let us appear at this new event in past years. But, come to think of it Vincent never asked as well. So, this year, I asked Vincent why he never considered us. He highlighted that he only invites his friends to perform at this festival. 😮 So I knew where we stood… However, he immediately tried to work us in the festival and I assured him Ning & I  wanted to support his event  and would design a show that would work for him. So, the rest is history and we will be closing the first gala show of the festival. I guess we are friends now :-p

If you are in Malaysia or South East Asia, come down to KL for the weekend as there are many magicans working the show including some overseas talent. It will be lots of fun!


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2 Responses to International Magic Extravaganza, Subang Parade, KL, Malaysia June 2012

  1. yin howe says:

    I guess partly due to the venue/stage is not very ‘logistically friendly’ for illusion props.. 😉

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