Filming TV Show in Italy

Besides the gala show for the “Masters of Magic” convention in Saint Vincent, the other project we were booked for in Italy was for a TV show that we filmed in Rome. The project is still hush hush so I can’t give details now. However, it is quite a huge project that will introduce us to Italian audiences. It does involve a large number of international magic acts including top professionals and competition champions from around the world. The show will air on prime time in Italy in the winter and we will be featured in practically all episodes. We got to work with Italy’s top director, Roberto Ceci, who was at the helm of the entire show.

Roberto on the left, directing one of our interviews.

Besides filming interviews & backstage footage, we presented our “Crystal Metamorphosis” and “360 Sawing” illusions as well as a special combined illusion act that saw us debut an original innovative twist to “Crystal Metamorphosis”. It looked great on camera and we are actually now going to use it in our shows when appropriate. Paul Wilson, who was the consultant for the show, thought it looked great and encouraged it to be put in our regular performances as well.

We did film multiple episodes for one aspect of the show but we also were featured artistes in the grand gala show that featured multiple international magicians. We were proud, once again, to represent our country in the gala among top magicians such as Topaz, Franz Harary, Ed Alonzo, Max Maven, Uri Geller, Danny Cole, Xavier Mortimer, Sos & Victoria and Aaron Crow among others.

We were not permitted to take photos or videos of any of the acts so I guess you will have to wait till the program airs late in the year.


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