Day Off in Rome

In between our work in Italy for the TV show, we spent time in Rome for some R & R.  Rome has so much history and old world charm and my first visit to the city was actually at night with Carlo and Luca Bono. It was indeed magical and amazing to see the Colloseum, Roman Forum and Vatican at night.

One afternoon, Ning, Ade & I took a train to town and our first stop was the Colloseum and the major attractions around it. We saw the Colosseum, Roman Forums (ruins), Spanish steps and Fountain de Trevi plus did some shopping along the way.

Ning had a sense of deja vu as she was in Rome just last year when she was on her 9-month road trip break. She excited showed me the sites that she visited. I had a great time and it matches my time in France last year when we filmed for Le plus Grand Cabaret du Monde.

Top of the Spanish Steps


Roman Forum & Surroundings

Fountain de Trevi

Fantastic dinner and company with Andrew Basso and his manager, Dennis


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