A Peek at the New 360 Sawing Version 2.0

People who follow our work will know that “360 Sawing” is one of our signature illusions, as very few magicians in the world perform it, especially the way the present it. Now, we can safely say that no one else in the world performs this version of “360 Sawing” which is a 100% original design or more accurately redesign of the illusion.

This illusion has literally taken us around the world as we have performed it in countless lives shows and on television from Asia to the Middle East to Europe. However, we always knew there was room for improvement.

Some history on this particular illusion The original concept of the illusion is Gerry Frenette’s “Woman’s Revolution”. We bought the original model and rebuilt it before we performed it on stage. We kept to Gerry’s original dimensions and structural design with a lot of improvements and changes to the internal design and aesthetic look of the entire illusion. After working with the illusion for 3 years and repairing it a number of times over the years, we have understood the illusion and every aspect of the functionality, safety and structural integrity of the physical prop. That was one reason we had to be fairly faithful to the original design on the first rebuild as we could not afford to change anything that might result in accidents or a non-functioning illusion midway during a live performance.

Our first version of “360 Sawing”

So, a few weeks ago, we headed into the workshop to start building the new illusion and the result is the gorgeous piece of hardware you see in the photos below. I must admit that this has been the most difficult, frustrating and challenging illusion we have built in-house to date. The moving parts, force that is put onto key parts of the prop, deceptive illusion design, safety features and form-fitting space to Ning’s body has made it an extremely difficult build with many issues arising along the way. There were at least 5 times where we had to rethink a fabrication method or rebuild a part because it would not work. We spent many nights in a row till 4am to try to make the illusion work.

The illusion itself is really visually stunning. It maintains its height although the main “boxes” used in the illusion has been reduced by half the size. Ning can barely fit her body into the two “boxes” now. Some people suspected the method with the original dimensions because they were designed for a Caucasian girl so that was an essential change.

The design of the “boxes” have changed in every aspect which turn has resulted in a change in method, making it an incredibly deceptive illusion.

The entire structural design also had to be changed to stand up to the rigorous force the prop is subjected to. It is made solid, mostly from aluminum, stainless steel and wood. It includes custom welded parts, laser cut components and innovative build techniques.

The front of the illusion sports a new metal cutout of Ning that was laser cut to exact specifications.  While it is not a functional element of the illusion, it adds so much to the sleek aesthetic beauty to the illusion making it look worthy enough to grace the top stages in the world.

Ning calls the illusion “dominatrix-like”. I call it a “beautiful beast”. It is sleek, feminine yet almost formidable. In fact, the design reflects the character of “Magic Babe” herself! Sexy, beautiful yet strong and deadly! Here is the illusion back in our studio for rehearsals, complete with stainless steel wings.

The new “360 Sawing” with “Magic Babe”

We will presenting this illusion in Italy, international waters, Genting (Malaysia), the US and of course Singapore  in the months to come this year. Try to come and watch it live!


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