About.com Readers Choice Awards 2012 WINNER!

What an unexpected surprise to find that Ning & I were the winners for the About.com Readers Choice Awards 2012 “Best Stage/ TV Magician” category. Check out the official announcement here.

Thanks to Wayne Kawamoto and About.com for having us nominated in the first place and putting us in the company of other world-class illustrious magicians & illusionists.

As I wrote before, Ning & I do feel that TV and Stage magicians are two complete different genres and it is difficult to put them in a single category. Also, the category could possibly be named “Favourite” as opposed to “Best”. Copperfield in his league of his own and it is unlikely that anyone will surpass his contributions to magic so in our book, he is the “Best”.

But, we know a lot of About.com readers voted for us because they recognized what we have done in a short period of time/ in recent time (Many told us this!). So, with that little “caveat” in place when considering the”best stage magician”, they felt we deserved a show of support. We really appreciate it so humbly accept this recognition for 2012 but feel About.com should award Copperfield the Readers’ Choice of the decade or past two decades!

Thanks to our fans, friends, family and readers of About.com for voting for us! Your kind gesture is encouraging and it is a  vote of confidence to continue to world hard and continue to put Singapore on the world map.


About J C Sum

International Headline Entertainer, Content Creator and Investor
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