Audition Call for Close-up Magician for Bar 84

If you are a close-up magician in Singapore looking for a venue to work international audiences in a formal setting and have the flexibility of testing new material, this might be of interest to you!

Last year, my magic production house, Concept:Magic, was approached by the Japanese owners of Bar 84 at Gallery Hotel to explore working with them to provide professional bar magicians for their weekend shows. Bar 84 is a formal Japanese magic bar and is helmed by co-owner and resident magician, Hashi.

The owners had a specific vision of what they wanted from the magicians for the bar and were looking for a team that could meet their needs more perfectly. Fukomoto (the other owner) had previously watched our illusion show “Sexy Magic/ Urban Illusions” at St James Power Station two years ago and subsequently both Hashi and Fukomoto came to watch the premiere of my “Beyond the Mirror” formal close-up magic show.

It was then where they requested if we could work with a team of magicians to each perform a set that would complement Hashi’s style and fit the bar.

We started slow and started by working just one day a week, helping magicians develop acts that would fit the bar. I even “worked” one night to fully understand the conditions but more importantly demonstrate to the owners that their magic team would be led someone they had full confidence in.

Currently, we provide magicians every Fri & Sat, the busiest nights of the week. Our regular featured magicians include Adeline Ng, Matthew Lee and Shawn Chua. All have distinct styles and the owners are extremely pleased with them and what they bring to the bar. We are currently working with another individual on his bar set who will debut next month.

Here is an opportunity for the “right” magician! We are opening ONE spot only for another regular magician to perform at the bar.

You will need a 20min set that will be performed as one continuous show behind a long bar counter. A combination of varied effects (genres) as well as visual & interactive routines will be required. A show with only cards will not work. Likewise a 20min book test routine will also not work for this venue.

You need to have some experience performing for “real” audiences but it is perfectly fine if you do not have an extensive portfolio of previous performing experience.

I would also go so far to suggest that you have to be at least 21 or have a maturity that can entertain and communicate with the specific clientele of the bar.

Contact us as we arrange a meet-up and audition on a weekday night at the bar. We will give you a full briefing as well as let you watch the resident & featured magicians at work. This will give you a strong idea what is expected. In a casual setting, you will need to present two close-up routines that you think is suitable for the bar setting.

We look forward to hear from you! Spread the word!

Contact us at


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2 Responses to Audition Call for Close-up Magician for Bar 84

  1. Sre Vinod says:

    Hi JC,

    I would like to know if there still are any auditions for magicians to perform at Bar 84, be it openings for regular performers or occasional performers..

    Thank You

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