Illusionary Departures 2012 on Pre Sale!

After 8 years, the revised, updated and expanded version of “Illusionary Departures” is now available to the mass magic market!

This is the latest edition of the book that was first released in 2004. Over the last 8 years, the book has been revised, updated, expanded and is now my BIGGEST illusion book to date!

It contains 35 illusions & stage routines with carefully thought out designs, methodologies and presentation plots that take into consideration motivation, logic and credibility in the performance of illusion.

Illusions detailed inside the book cover multiple genres including penetrations, appearances, vanishes, transpositions and escapes. Also shared are a variety of original stage routines such as a logical time travel act, motivated torn & restored effect and a silent theatrical piece with plot and progressive structure.

In one of the most valuable chapters in the book, I share my original approach to designing and building a modern illusion base. My base is highly deceptive and sturdy but is very lightweight compared to traditionally built bases. I utilize this cutting edge base design in several of my illusions that Ning & I feature in our live shows and on TV across the world.

All the illusions were created for the working performer (from new workers to seasoned professionals) and have been prototyped, built and audience-tested in professional shows staged over the years since 1998. All props are designed to pack down effectively for transport and most of the illusions can be performed surrounded or with audiences on three sides.

You can now pre-order from all good magic shops worldwide. You can also order direct from Magic Boutique and get FREE shipping worldwide.

Buy it HERE.

I have recorded a 9-minute audio discussion on this brand new book to give you insight on everything covered in the book. This is my first comprehensive audio show that I have done to discuss a book of mine. Listen to it HERE or below:



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