On Stage in Kuala Lumpur

Ning, Ade & I just arrived back in Singapore from K.L., Malaysia after performing at a private event alongside, U.S. magician, Tony Clark and French manipulator, Nestor Hato. The show was produced by David Lai and also featured local Malaysia performers Mark & Pinky (quick change artists) and Vincent Tan (Comedy Juggling).

The entire show was a super tight 30min show and opened with Mark & Pinky who executed very fast costume changes. They had a dazzling array of costumes and had a great visual act but I think the act would be even better if there is more chemistry between the performers as equals.

Vincent Tan was next who connected with the crowd immediately with his comedic interaction and did a comedy juggling routine where he ate an apple as he juggled three pieces of fruit.

Tony Clark performed an updated version of his phantom dove act that he has not presented in almost ten years! He is a very experienced performer and was smooth as silk in all his amazing dove productions. He opened with his signature phantom half mask, fickle fire with hat and mask leading to a toss-out transformation of the mask to a live dove! The act continued with more dove productions, manipulations with a dagger and silk, vanish of his carousel cage of doves and the production of a giant red flag that bore a Chinese New Year message! He got a great reaction from the audience throughout his act.

Nestor Hato from France presented his award-winning act that was an explosive mix of amazing card manipulations, card “juggling” and silks. He has a very unique act that includes lots of surprises and had great reactions at multiple points in his act. YouTube his act on a Spanish TV show to see it!

Ning & I closed the show as the grand illusionists with Human “Light Tunnel”, “Shadow Vision” and our “Crystal Metamorphosis”.

We clocked one of our fastest times for the double teleportation featured in “Crystal Meth” and the audience responded with their approval in the form of a burst of applause and audible gasps.

David produced the show and joined us on stage for the curtain call at the end. He did a great job, as usual, choosing the talent for the show, producing and calling cues! The crew working in the show was also fantastic! The stage hands were all magicians and did a great job supporting all the acts including ours. Thanks Jones and Andrew for setting our illusions correctly and swiftly!

Coincidentally, performing after us was fellow Singapore artiste, Hossan Leong, who was booked separately for the same event. He had the audience in the palm of his hand with his stand-up comedy, keyboard playing and singing. Awesome show!

Our gear was shipped ahead and we had all the illusions packed and ready for pick up back to Singapore within 30min after the show!

The night before, we were guests at Tony Clark’s lecture “Timing & Misdirection”. He shared several routines including some of Slydini’s signature pieces but presented in his way. The magicians responded well very to his insight on misdirection and applications to routines for stage and close-up.

After the lecture, we mingled with the participants. It was a pleasant surprise to realize that most knew who we were and asked for autographs and photographs with us. Very sweet of them!


Us with Vincent Tan & Tony Clark.

With Nestor Hato

We had a great time in K.L meeting old friends and making new ones. As usual, we were well taken care of and had a taste of the local food as well as managed to do quite a bit of shopping!

We are scheduled to be back in June where we will be making our first public appearance as headliners for a magic festival! After that, the next big show we will do in Malaysia will be in Genting in Aug – Sep 2012 as one of the “Superstars of Magic”! Lots of traveling as part of this year’s plan.


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